What started as just a blog turned into much more

When The Bronze Hustle was launched in April 2016 by Shay Duriel Davis, it originally began as a blog with a cute name: Bronze (for women of color) and Hustle (for women working on their side hustles, brands and businesses.)

The Bronze Hustle, affectionately also known as TBH, was founded on a need to create more opportunities for ourselves. When job hunting became difficult, we built a site to say “Here’s a very clear and a direct example of the work you have not given me the chance to do.” The Bronze Hustle is a community that directly supports you with the online work that you KNOW you can do but may not know where to start.

Maybe your "why" is directly attached to needing more money to live comfortably or pay off debts, maybe it is tied to spending less time working and more time with your family, maybe it’s because after many failed 9-5 positions, you’ve realized that maybe it’s time to try entrepreneurship.

With millions of blogs online, information overload is imminent and we've created a brand that is the perfect mesh of getting information from your biz bestie, a group of successful online entrepreneurs and Google dedicated to growing your brand and becoming powerful online.

The Bronze Hustle isn't just another cute website instead, it's a mindset, a community movement created to encourage and push you to be the best. It's here so you can stop worrying about competition and actually become a game-changer. It's here so you can have the tools to give your blog or online business a foundation to make you money online, create opportunities, become an influencer or whatever your online dream is, we're here to support you.



the woman behind the movement

I'm Shay Duriel Davis

Before starting The Bronze Hustle, I was mostly just passionate about writing. Basically before I could walk, I admired the work Carrie Bradshaw did and her fabulously unobtainable lifestyle on a column writer paycheck. As a young girl writing in notebooks and binders covered in doodles taken during math class, I always dreamed of working at a job I loved.

Like many millennials, it seemed as if that "perfect job" either didn't exist or I needed to work 10x harder than my peers to obtain it.

Cue the beginning stages of The Bronze Hustle

What started as a "this is what you won't hire me to do but I can clearly do it" portfolio/blog website turned into much more than I could ever imagine. I quickly learned that the brand was much bigger than just a collection of posts to link on my LinkedIn profile but a real, deal community of women eager to build and sustain their own brands.

Let's get to know each other:

  1. I have a Journalism and Mass Communications degree and it still comes in handy with building TBH.
  2. My all-time favorite show is A Different World and I cried watching the end the first time I saw it- dramatic but necessary.
  3. I'm team Apple and iPhone until the end of time.

We have 3 major ways for you to grow online and join our tribe:

  1. Our Blog is the first stop for those looking for quick gems to implement and good reads while you dig into the blogging and online business world.
  2. Our Facebook group, The Hustle Hive, is full of other online entrepreneurs also growing their brands and spreading their knowledge
  3. Our membership program, Hustle Hive Elite (or HHE), is for those who have already been online for a while who need to step their game up and create a strategy towards success

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Enroll in our new, free mini course: Monetizing Like a Bronze Hustler and learn the do's and don'ts of creating new streams of income for your brand.

We're @thebronzehustle everywhere