I'm Shay Duriel (Duriel is my middle name not last) and you can call me your new biz bestie. 

I've always had an interest in writing and the hard working "glam" side of mass media that makes for a pretty IG profile. Basically before I could walk, I admired the work Carrie Bradshaw did and her fabulously unobtainable lifestyle on a column writer paycheck. As a young girl writing in notebooks and binders covered in doodles taken during math class, I always dreamed of working at a job I loved. Later that dream turned into wanting to write for publications and a magazine. I got my chance to write for a magazine and became the right hand to the managing editor and editor-in-chief, as well as PR and social media duties catering to an audience of thousands (maybe even millions).

I've held numerous responsibilities over time. Here's a list of some of the companies I've worked with (and continue to work with) over time with writing, editing, and social media duties:

I've also met a handful of celebrities and been feet away from others including these lovely ladies pictured below:

Pictured: Shay with Marlo Hampton of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Kimble from LA Hair, Claire Sulmers of Fashion  Bomb Daily and Porsha Williams of Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

All of these photos reflect parties and events that I had an amazing time working and mingling with big names. I'll make my way into those rooms again but maybe not through the same exact position. My life has led me to The Bronze Hustle and I'm not mad! 

I took my talents from behind the scenes and started my own online presence.

Here's how it happened:

I graduated in May 2014 from The University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication. After graduating with a decent (I could've stood to be a little more focused but I made it!) GPA, a pretty good resume of internships and company names, it was like talking to a brick wall when it came to actual job offers. I found my way to my first full time job in my field a year later and ended up in the rooms pictured above. 

But something was missing. I didn't feel like I was an ideal fit for the position and I couldn't shake the feeling and I listened to my gut and found my own piece of internet real estate and begin The Bronze Hustle Movement. What began as an idea to help other black bloggers and online entrepreneurs has grown tremendously since its launch in 2016.

I take much pride in my work and have written, managed social media and worked (and continue to work) for some great brands: 

I continue to work with brands but I also am working hard to make The Bronze Hustle hold up to the ranks to other websites for up and coming bloggers and entrepreneurs. I fell into entrepreneurship, I fell into blogging and some kind of way it's been making sense. The branding, business and social media tips and tricks I've learned and continue to experience are what make The Bronze Hustle. I created this space specifically for black women because as a black millennial woman, I realized just how hard it can be to have your voice heard and to make an impact in your desired field, especially among millions of bloggers and online entrepreneurs. I was there, I am there and trust me I understand struggles and successes.

Let's go on this journey together.

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