The Bronze Hustle was created for you by your new biz bestie, Shay Duriel. Shay had a vision of what TBH would be and it wasn't just a blog. 

The Bronze Hustle isn't just another cute website instead, it's a mindset, a movement created to encourage and push you to be the best. It's here so you can stop worrying about competition and actually become a game-changer. It's here so you can have the tools to give your blog or online business a foundation to make you money online, create opportunities, become an influencer, and maybe even become an Instagram model with you very own pictures of detox tea and waist trainer. Specializing in content marketing tips, we got your back as you progress to the next level.

Not once have we cared that there are other websites like TBH, everyone talks about the same things but it's about putting in the work.

What work have YOU put in? What's your hustle? There is NO competition. We're here to help you put on your blinders and congratulate your fellow #girlboss at the same time.

Turn on your playlist with that mix of Kirk Franklin and Future and let's work.

Hear from the Tribe of powerful creatives 

"TBH has kept me focused. There are times during this entrepreneurial journey that we get comfortable or begin to slowly let go of our "why". TBH makes sure you're reminded of that "why." Whether it be a social graphic coming down the feed or a great picture, there's always something to help inspire me to stay on track." - April of

"Shay and I built an authentic relationship and she dropped the CollabRight collaboration series for people like me. The series has helped me learn how to create connections with other online entrepreneurs and pitch equally beneficial joint ventures. TBH has helped me navigate online entrepreneurship and I am grateful for the relationships I've built because of the gems Shay gives. "- Rita of HeyDays Design

"TBH has been a big help in allowing me to see the bigger picture. It's not just about having an audience, but it's about the content you create for your audience. How are people really responding to your posts? Are you being helpful in any way to them and not just looking to gain exposure through likes and follows? I can say a big part of Conqueror Movement's current success is because of those key steps being implemented." - Khadijah of Conqueror Movement

That's why The Bronze Hustle is here. We're here to help you connect the dots and come out stronger than when you began.


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