A Prayer for Christian Entrepreneurs

a prayer for christian entrepreneurs

TBH CEO checking in over here and we usually go through the “we" pronoun but this one is an “I” and “you” kind of post because it’s personal.

As a little background info, I have never posted a prayer ANYWHERE. There was a time where I would actually side eye people who would post them because I thought that they were really only supposed to be for you and God. I still believe that but I also believe that I didn’t post this for me and for my own accord but because there’s something stirring up that God wants to give to you through me. I am strictly a vessel. This is not something I personally would do and never something I really thought would come from TBH but listen, this ain’t about me anymore.

I was planning for the website posts for the rest of the year and heard God clearly say “Post a prayer for business owners.” I was already on my “Ok, I’ll come back to that idea but let me do this fi--…” and before I could even finish that thought to even put it off, I got a prayer and then I was instructed to publish it immediately. On a chill Sunday that I’m using to plan other posts, there’s something about this one that has to go out now. Funny enough, I planned something for this afternoon and didn’t feel like going and canceled and soon after, sat down to write and publish this post instead.

God speaks to me often in journal entries and I push my pen in my journal based on the message he’s given me and this is something that I did not come up with. Often, I’ll finish writing and say aloud “I have no idea what any of this says and if it even makes sense” because I zone out and literally allow God to write the words. Here’s what I poured out and wrote for you and for your business:

Dear Lord,

I humbly lift my business up to you. I lift up all of my business acumen, my skill set, my relationships, my plans and my ideas. I give them all to you for your will to be done. Nothing outside of your will will prevail in my life. I want my business to uphold the kingdom and make you proud. Lord, give me insight on the plans and provisions you have for me. Give me directions for the paths that you would have me to take. Put the right people in my path and remove the ones who are a hindrance for your plans in my life and in my business. Lord, have your way. Lord make ways that are currently hidden. Make doors of opportunity fly open and the right things come in on your time. Lord, I trust you that I have a business that will not lack. I am a leader that shows no concern for the business climate because I know who holds the future and who holds my hand. Lord, I come against any enemy, any plans from Satan, any witchcraft that has been stirred up and pray for a hedge of protection over my life and my business. For we know that witchcraft is running rampant but you reign forever. Lord keep the hedge of protection around my business strong and let nothing enter that is not of you. Lord you order my steps and keep me protected and above the things of this world. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

This is a combination of prayers I have prayed in the past but never a prayer I’ve prayed until I wrote it down for you. I would suggest you read through it and use it as a guide to add in whatever you’re seeking from God in this moment in your business. I love you but clearly God loves you more. While you pray this, I’ll be praying for your prayers and the clarity that comes from it as we move forward in the year.

With love, S.

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