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Remember you are in control of how you show up in the world. I would hope you choose to be big and not shrink for the comfort of others. Give yourself permission to take up space, and bloom wildly without regret.
— Alex Elle

Don’t you love when you commit to an idea and you keep seeing it everywhere? We couldn’t see this quote and not include it somewhere. It’s been sitting in our minds ever since it appeared on Alex Elle’s timeline. It wasn’t until we committed to the name “Creative Control” for our newsletter that we realized that she said “control” and “take up space” which are two huge themes we’re currently focused on and it made perfect sense to intertwine them.

Our new campaign, Personal Space, is all about expanding our space (digitally, physically, emotionally and basically all the -allys) and creative control sits perfectly inside of that.

As women creators and entrepreneurs, we should have creative control over more than just our brands but our entire lives.We’re built to evolve and bring life and not just follow rules. That’s something we want to seep into everyone who comes across the brand and within our team as we grow internally and scale.

As women creators and entrepreneurs, we should have creative control over more than just our brands but our entire lives.
— @thebronzehustle

There’s where our new newsletter series comes into play. The reason why many of us have entrepreneurial ventures (side hustlers, freelancers, bloggers etc. count here too), is because we crave creative control. We want to be the one making decisions and signing checks. The same thing should also be transferable to our personal lives: we should be invested in our daily decisions, our legacies and everything else in between for greater control of the final product. The newsletter is just a continuation of those ideals and the ones we’re reinforcing on our website.

The Creative Control newsletter is a biweekly email circling one theme and featuring our new and top posts from the website, tips for building your brand and lifestyle tidbits around alignment and self-awareness.

A lot of the content featured on Creative Control will be exclusive including the “Group Chat” section for real deal snippets from your favorite CEO and Creator of TBH, Shay Duriel, similar to a condensed version of our Editor Letter posts. Each email ends with the “Good Finds” section, it’s our take on a roundup of good resources, interesting and informative articles and just fun things we find online that you would like. In between the sections, we love to pull out exercises that will get your brain churning and creating million dollar ideas.

We’re not an infopreneur brand anymore so we don’t necessarily advertise a ton of worksheets and ebooks etc. but guess what? You’ll get first (and potentially the only) access to whatever we create. Plus being in the know about other dope things on the way like building our team of writers, events, products etc.

It’ll be a good time and a good read, we promise.

Ready? Come on and join the Creative Control fam

Not sure yet? We have a few issues of Creative Control available for you to read through below: