Evolution Announcement

Evolution announcement

Our evolution announcement: We’re Redefining The (Bronze) Hustle

The definition of Evolution, beyond Darwinism etc, is “the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.”

This post is not meant to announce that The Bronze Hustle is now a completely different brand but, we have evolved into a more sustainable brand with longevity and depth.

As far as success goes, we have reached some milestones and some recognition but for the next level of The Bronze Hustle, we have to get much more specific and aligned to what the brand is truly called to do. Funny enough, it’s departing further away from hustling. We’ll explain in this post why we’re ditching the expected ideals of hustling and how we came to this point of needing a realignment.

Before you ask or scroll ahead in the post, no, the name is not changing. After a quick chat with God about whether the name should be different to correspond with our different approach, the answer was “let’s turn hustling into evolvement and not a destination.”

Let’s turn hustling into evolvement and not a destination.
— @thebronzehustle

The problem with hustling, or grinding, is that it roughly translates into pushing towards a moving goalpost. “Pushing towards” is truly an understatement because hustling is almost synonymous with straining. Straining to hit that next goal that does nothing but roll into another and another and another until retirement, or for many of us, premature burn out.

For example, your goal for this year may be to hit a certain amount of email subscribers. As satisfying as it is to say you hit that goal in December, you never really will “hit” anything, you’ll just increase the number higher and higher as time goes along and wear yourself thin getting there.

The entrepreneurial answer to gaining success has traditionally been to:

  1. Move quicker or “hustle harder”- You want to hit your goals ASAP, outrun your competition and see who can retire and get on a Forbes list.

  2. Be more consistent and disciplined- How many times do we see the same version of “you don’t need another course, you need discipline” post? Because if you actually have an air tight schedule and say “no” to all things outside of your goals you’re guaranteed success, right?

  3. Do more- Related to number 1, we’re encouraged to launch more often, sale more courses, take on a crazy amount of clients, drastically raise our prices and stay up all night to have more on our plates and seemingly hit our goals “quicker.” This is usually where the “wake up earlier/stay up later” talk also comes in.

...Because “otherwise you don’t want it bad enough.”

Sound familiar? The main problem that creates is a whole lot of tired business owners who have hustled themselves to the bone, lost relationships and a sense of anything outside of their business. For those who can’t seem to keep up, they feel inadequate trying to follow suit and give up altogether.

The solution has been business systems and automation, self care and creating support systems. It’s all exhausting and that’s why self-care and automation have gotten so big. Sadly, even the people selling the dream are running on fumes and pushing self-care as the cure.

Running a business is exhausting and even the people selling the dream are running on fumes.
— @thebronzehustle

The consumption of being in everyone’s funnel, dissecting funnels to make yours better, and simultaneously launching them, has become draining. Tthe cycle of hustling has turned into a beautiful, yet blistering hamster wheel.

Before you rev up your counterargument, you can actually be successful hustling the traditional way but, exactly how sustainable is it? How are you developing yourself as a woman in the process? Or have you forgotten about her altogether in the name of career advancement? Is your husband’s relationship with his homeboys stronger than it is with you because you can’t be bothered to take a break?

Is it worth it in the name of success?

And RIGHT there is where the new TBH comes in: we’re calling it TBH 2.0.  If you’ve been reading thus far and nodding your head, keep reading because you’re the exact woman we want to engage with going forward.

TBH 2.0 will be rolled out over the course of 2019 starting with the foundation for a brand that no longer pushes “traditional hustling.”

We’re not thinking of it as a classic “rebrand” but more so being fully in alignment with where we’re headed. We’re not a blog, we’re not an infopreneur’s website, we’re not concerned with launching every week or even building 75 sales funnels and we’re definitely not interested in keeping up with the “hustler’s” status quo.

Here’s our shiny new Mission Statement: “The mission of The Bronze Hustle is to redefine hustling and change the narrative around “grinding” to evolvement. The Bronze Hustle aims to create a community focused on growth and sustainability as women entrepreneurs evolve themselves behind the business and evolve their businesses in the process.”

Our refreshed values are:



We’re intentional about what we do, how we do it and the way it impacts others.



We’re evolving into better women and business owners and prefer not to compare journeys



We’re focused on growing with sustainability and not hustling ourselves into the ground.



As women creators and entrepreneurs, we should have creative control over more than just our brands but our entire lives.


And beyond these values and ideals, we’re 100% transparent in being a brand rooted in Christianity. When a brand claims to be focused on re-centering and personal growth, always check the source. The reason for the expansion, the reason for the clarity and the reason behind even wanting to reach women and not just sink in privacy is much bigger than anything mentioned on this page. Once we moved our energy from hustling and keeping up, we shifted primarily to THE source. That’s our secret sauce.

Who you are personally pours into your business. Let’s pour into her first.
— @thebronzehustle

Going forward, we’re all about the woman

To put it plainly, we’re now 65% about womanhood and personal growth for the woman entrepreneur, 30% about hustle and business growth and 5% everything else furthering the culture and moving us forward as a whole.

That means we’re stepping farther away from the “infopreneur” space but, still supplying you with valuable info. From here on out, we’re focusing on creating that content that you crave that brings balance to your journey. Further into the year, you’ll see a completely refreshed website with even more content and a revised visual brand identity. With more content will come more content creators, as TBH 2.0 is still a community and not necessarily just about one blogger/business owner and her voice. We’re planning to also create more physical events, products and opportunities as the brand continues to renew itself and the audience.

Along with the “Redefining the Hustle” campaign, numerous campaigns will come from the brand and content made specifically for you will come in bulk with other dope posts in between.

With that being said, if you like what you’ve read thus far, welcome to the era of Redefining the Hustle.

P.S. For even more info on our realignment, read the Editor’s Letter here.