29+ black owned businesses for a pampering girls night

beyonce night in

Before we go any further, let’s cover the obvious: While researching for this post, there is an incredible amount of Black Owned businesses. We can’t possibly cover all of our bases with this one post so, we’ll definitely be creating more like this and other ways to highlight BOBs. If you’re interested in working with us and highlighting your business, you can contact us here.

Get your debit card ready! We’ve listed a large selection of Black owned businesses to support that will complete your next girl’s night! Imagine you and your closest girlfriends hanging out at your home chilling and talking about any and everything and we’ll take you through a journey of the products you should buy and what you should watch so you can make the most of your night in.

Decompress before your friends come over

You may want to decompress from the day before you immediately get into social mode with your girlfriends. Put on your bonnet and lingerie (your biggest and oldest T-shirt is fine too) and go ahead and light some candles for ambiance and brew some accompanying tea by Alexandra Winbush. To really get in the mood, there’s even a Ladies Night candle by Deaton Hill Home Collection.

Some of us like to journal and map out our thoughts and the Stillness journal by Keviah Watrice is the perfect place to do so. If you would rather read, Sunny. by Gabrielle Hickmon would be a good selection. Got a second to scroll instagram? (after you’ve followed @thebronzehustle of course) Follow @r29unbothered and @realqaiqai and get some gems and some giggles.

Get your debit card ready! @thebronzehustle listed a large selection of Black-owned businesses to support that will complete your next girl’s night!

Eat and drink

While your girls are arriving, and yes, we all have at least one friend who will show up at least an hour and a half late, we might as well make drinks right? Depending on the type of party you’re looking for, you can make hard drinks using a Black owned spirits company from this list on Shoppe Black or we also have plenty of options for wine from Love Cork Screw or a glass of rum punch.

No party is complete without food. Do you plan on cooking or just enjoying snacks? If you’re cooking, you can grab a recipe from one of The Kitchenista’s cookbooks or her blog website full of gems, and use some black owned spices while you’re at it from My Fabulous Food and The Spice Suite. For a healthier approach, Auntie Oprah now has a food line that features “hidden” healthy flavors and ingredients. If you’re just adding a few snacks to your line up, grab some Sanaia Applesauce, some of Mr. Cory’s cookies or a cupcake from CamiCakes so decadent you can pass it off as a late dinner.

Choose your entertainment

If we were you, we would either choose something you have seen a million times to quote and relax or something you’ll actually want to pay attention to so you can spark up a conversation.

A movie that could potentially do both is Boomerang. Once you’ve watched the movie, you can dig into the new series executive produced by Lena Waithe. At the time of this post, the movie is available on Hulu and the show is on the Philo app, through your cable provider or per episode and per season via Amazon prime video.

Because we’re currently in mourning over Insecure not returning for another year, rewatching from season 1 and tearing Lawrence apart is clearly a good choice.

Obviously, if you’re in a rom com mode, anything from Waiting to Exhale, Brown Sugar or How Stella Got Her Groove back works perfectly.

Bodycare and Skincare

No night of pampering is complete without quality bodycare and skincare. Try any of these to get beautiful, glowing skin:  Demosa Botanical Beauty, Basebutter, Hanahana Beauty or Hersnee.

Beauty and Hair

Wait a minute! The one girlfriend who showed up 2 hours late is now telling you one of the men on her rooster is at a bar nearby and he’s inviting you all out. At least you got a few good drinks in your system right? Right.

Go ahead and get beautified using Beauty Bakerie, Lipp Beauty, and  Your lash Bar. Dang, your nail appointment isn’t until next week. You can use some Mischo Beauty nail polish to get your hands together.

Put some products in your hair using Kinky Tresses, and add in some length with these natural clip ins by Kurly Klips.

Fast Fashion

Before you leave the house, you need the perfect outfit, Lilly’s Kloset or Chic Couture Online should get you together. If you’re looking for a nude heel,  Kahmune makes them in 10 shades.

Until Next Time

If you actually stayed home, by now you’ve gotten all the tea from your bffs or ushered them out the door so you can wrap up your night alone. In blog post time, it’s definitely been a full night. And if you’re in the club bored, remember we already gave you a few suggestions of Instagram timelines to scroll.

Did you enjoy this post? We’ll definitely be doing something like it again soon either on the site or within our newsletter, Creative Control! You can contact us if you have a business that aligns with ours and we’ll let you know the next time we plan a post or project similar to this one. Until then, keep reading…