Why Your Tribe is Essential to Your Blog Growth

why your blog tribe is important

The word “tribe” is so popular but what exactly does it mean and how does it equate to your overall blog or business growth?

Your tribe will always outweigh your target audience.
— @thebronzehustle

Let's think of our tribes in two ways:

1. Your tight-knit audience members who consume your content

2. Your biz besties and consistent crew who help you grow online

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For your tight knit audience, you have to keep them satisfied and coming back

Many of us have the same “general” target audience. Yours is probably millennials and so is mine and everyone else’s. So that means that with everyone having a similar target audience, there are some people who may never log on to your blog. That could be because the exposure just hasn’t hit their timelines yet or it could be because another blogger or business owner has wrapped them up so tightly in their own tribe, they don’t pay attention to similar bloggers.

In a nutshell, your target audience is huge. Your tribe is a small portion of your target audience and those who will spread the word about your brand. For TBH, these women are so intelligent and sharp that they could stand to teach me some stuff!

All of those women liking and engaging on your posts repeatedly are probably the same women who are recommending your blog to all of their friends and family members who are in the same boat. You’re more likely to try a restaurant because your friends have and it’s the same way with getting the word out about quality online content.

Your tribe is doing the work that social media does but in the form of a person. I love hearing feedback and getting interaction from other #girlbosses! There's something so special about seeing your brand in action as a community.

why your tribe is important

Here’s why you need to cultivate the connection you have with your tribe:

1.     They create buzz and make your tribe bigger

With them staying loyal to your brand, they will start talking about you (in a good way) and sharing your content in some form. As they share your content, it reaches new eyes of those who haven’t found a tribe yet and who may not be fully committed to someone else. We can all multi-task and be in more than one tribe, but our list won’t grow with mediocre brands that the audience isn't drawn to. You don’t hold no-name shoes to the same standard as Nike because it doesn’t work that way but, you may own Adidas and Nike shoes. Your brand has to be poppin' for people to want to pass it along to begin with and once it is, you can just watch some parts of it grow on its own.

2.     They’ll let you know what kind of content they want to consume

I’ve told you before that blogging is a service in itself. So, while you’re not waiting hand and foot on your audience, they are expecting you to fill some type of gap in their life. Whether you give fashion advice or career advice, someone is going to your website in order to get their dose of information. Seeing as you’re not considered a reader of your blog, it can sometimes be tough to know exactly what to write. That’s where your tribe comes in. They’ll chime in and let you know that they are interested in something or that something else you posted was a lot of help and that will help you to create the right content.

3.     They become your consistent base from free content and beyond

You have to look at your tribe as your VIPs! They should be the ones getting good seats, goodie bags and the first ones on the red carpet because, without them your target audience as a whole may be quiet. You need your tribe to speak up and to be consistent so you know that the content is hitting all of the high points. Your tribe will start to be a big fan of your free content and then as time goes along and you offer products and services, they are usually the first ones in line because they’ve been sticking with you for a while!

Treat your tribe like the VIPs they are!
— @thebronzehustle

Now, onto our biz besties and how they also are directly tied to our growth

Your biz besties are the ones who hold you accountable, you can bounce ideas off of them, collaborate and take your brands to the next level without an ounce of competition or jealousy. There are a TON of bloggers and online entrepreneurs all around us every single day. The last thing you want to do is drive yourself insane trying to build by yourself. 

Here are a few quick ways to create a tribe of support:

1. Create a online group, Slack channel, group message or something similar with amazing women you (organically) connect with online. Or you can join ones that are already established, like our Facebook group.

2. Offer support to other women because women often remember who had their backs and the encouraging words you say and will return it. My favorite places to create "support connections" are on Twitter and Instagram. It takes nothing to compliment and give credit to other bosses. 

hustle hive elite

3. Join a group coaching or small membership group to facilitate your business growth. This is exactly why we created Hustle Hive Elite!

Hustle Hive Elite (also known as HHE) isn't for the women just looking to sift through a few of our resources for bloggers and entrepreneurs but actually for women who are also looking to connect with other like minds. We have extensive Q+A conversations during our classes each month and hot conversations within our Facebook group. 

Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite