5 Things Your Blog Homepage Needs

5 things your blog homepage needs

If you notice anything about TBH’s homepage, you probably realize that I change it pretty often. It's mainly because I want to really start grabbing my visitors and letting them know who I am and what the TBH brand stands for and because I like to switch things up. The longer new visitors stay on the website means they will be more likely to share and connect with me off of the blog. When they move from the blog, they will become a member of your tribe and get the TBH content out to the masses.

Remember, there are always exceptions to my suggestions! Especially if you have an online shop or you're a specialty blogger with a very narrow niche etc.

Take all online advice with a grain of salt and apply it where it fits REGARDLESS of who says it. Okay, now I'll get into my suggestions: 

Your homepage needs these things:

1.     An explanation of who you are and what you do

If you are the entire face of your brand aka- your brand is just your name and nothing else, your face etc needs to be on the homepage. You should have a little background about you and the brand itself so people know what they’re getting into. Especially, if they found you organically from a Google search.

Alisha Nicole does this really well.

She's since updated her site from the screenshots below but everything is still similar and relevant.

5 things your blog website homepage needs

If you're stuck on the branding side of Who you are and your niche, I wrote a post on it already. 

2.     Your freebie/opt in put in a place that’s easy to locate and see (preferably more than once)

Many people have pop-ups for this very reason: so their email list gets seen for sure. Some people (me) get slightly annoyed with pop-ups especially if they can’t read through your content in peace before you hit them with the newsletter sign up so be sure you’re not going overboard. With your website design in general, you’ll need to place your email sign up and a description of your freebie in numerous places. Just saying “sign up for cool updates” doesn’t cut it anymore.

Again, Alisha got it right:

5 things your blog website homepage needs

3.     Links to your blog or specific posts

If you have a blog page, you need some links to get people there before they get bored and click away. You can do this in numerous ways with a scrolling “slideshow” of the latest posts or with a little section dedicated to the categories or the latest posts. On Squarespace, where we host TBH, we just add in a summary block and do the carousel option like the posts below.

If you need to refresh your blog posts and stuck on what to create, get 21 ideas here you can use now.

4.     Social media links

It’s a no-brainer that we want to move people from social media to our websites and back again. If no one knows where to follow you, you won’t get any followers so make sure your links are visible and in multiple places. Instagram blocks/plug ins always look amazing on homepages and it’s a good way to bring in some life and fun to the page. We recently moved our Instagram feed to our About page but the social links are still in the footer. Don't forget, that's also a great space to take advantage of!

5.     EXTRA for businesses: A Quick explanation of Your Services + Products

hustle hive elite

If the main objective of your brand is to sell products, then definitely have those products or services somewhere on the page. Your homepage doesn't have to be your sales page, although strictly online business will do this. For TBH, the 2 major things promoted on our homepage are our Facebook group and Hustle Hive Elite.

I'm still creating the best mix for the perfect homepage for TBH and it's okay to switch things up and try different designs and opt-ins for your brand. You'll never know what works best if you never evolve!

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite