How to Capture Your Blog Readers Instantly

how to capture your blog readers instantly

I’ve told you all before how I’ve had blogs before that failed because of numerous reasons especially a lack of consistency because I was stuck.

I had the blog posts down, it was more so the direction of the content. I didn’t know if I wanted to write about music, blogging or makeup and it threw me off. Listening to one of Mattie’s webinars, she shared with the audience how she writes about different topics but her audience welcomes them with open arms. Mattie may write about tacos in one post and an amazing skirt in another but it’s the way she writes that keeps her audience engaged and not wondering why she popped food into her homepage.

Here’s a great way to format your blog post:

Before you begin: brainstorm how you can answer your audience's questions

When brainstorming blog posts, solve a problem your readers will have. For you it could be obvious and for someone else it will be there first time reading on the topic. Make your post informational and helpful and it will give your readers something to look for every time you publish something new. This specific post answers the question for bloggers on the things that every blog post needs. Every post on TBH should help or inspire someone in some way, if not then I’m doing it wrong.

A while ago I heard a quote that went something like "you don't have to be a genius to teach a 9th grader. You just need to be at least a 10th grader." Don't think people can't learn from you just because you're not an expert.

1. Name your posts appropriately

I’m a lover of cute titles but sadly cute titles are negative points to your SEO. Naming a post “7 things to get your boyfriend for his birthday” will pop up before “Ayeee that’s my boo’s birthday!!” If you want to keep the cute titles, put it in the blog post or maybe even on the blog featured image.

A little tip- If your title has a number in it make it odd. As weird as it is, it’s scientifically proven that odd numbers appeal more to readers.

2. Share your story

One thing Mattie does well is tell us her story and a little background in her posts. For example, in a post about finding the perfect salsa recipe, the writer could mention how she bought a jar that was expired and made her entire family sick. From that story, the blog post automatically becomes more interesting.

It’s common to share your story at the very beginning of a post and a little throughout to give context and add personality.

You can do this throughout all of your content. Be careful about memes and gifs but adding personality that your audience can relate to is always a win. Here's a good example from @TheBronzeHustle on Instagram that gained 152 likes and 19 comments. Not too shabby huh?

3.  Break the post down into sections

Bold important subtitles and if there’s a sentence that you want to stand out, type it with a space before and after like this:

I really wanted you to pay attention to this sentence. Now carry on.

When you have a list, use bullets and numbers. All of these help your reader follow along and helps to break up long blocks of type. Make it easy on us to digest your content! Always do this in your newsletters too.

4. Use Appealing Images

Blog posts need graphics, photos, gifs, memes or something that gives us a break from looking at text. Reading blog posts is supposed to be fun and informative not reading until you finally hit a picture like a textbook. Unless you're an academic and that's just your thing. Otherwise give us some excitement!


5. Give a call to action

If you want your readers to like your Facebook page at the end of a social media post, then tell them! Anything as simple as “if you enjoyed this post, head over to Facebook where I link all blog posts and give valuable tips.” It’s also a good place to gain subscribers. I know some bloggers love implementing email pop ups but I love clicking the “x” on them when I haven’t gotten a chance to read your content yet. Pop-ups convert well even if you hate them. Quality CTA's are the secret sauce to getting readers connected to your blog.

[Extra] 6. Cross Promote

 In my blog posts, I may plug in a picture for TBH’s Instagram (see above) or maybe even a tweet from Twitter. I always, always include hyperlinks to other posts within new posts so that my readers have an easier time clicking around and get a feel for my writing.  It also lowers my bounce rate (how quickly someone clicks off your site).

I created a quick freebie on a way to brainstorm and create perfect blog posts! Get it within our special Google drive folder linked in our Facebook group!

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite