How To Create a Business Plan for Your Blog

how to create a business plan for your blog

Just like in the passive income blog post, I mentioned that everything should be intentional. Translation: you have to have a plan or you won’t get anywhere.

Before starting TBH, I was so lost with planning. I’m still wrapping my head around how important it really is. Everything from planning for months ahead to planning the next day, everything should be roughly outlined.

I'll tell you right now that I struggle with detailed planning myself. I also realized that brain dumping is a must for me to make sure that I don't have 10 million items swirling around my head at once. Once I have those top items outlined, I can start tackling them.

For day to day working, sometimes I use the 30/30 app to map out how I work. It helps me make sure I don’t work so long that I don’t take a break or that my breaks don’t last for too long (both happen in the lives of creatives). This is especially important when you have huge tasks to complete in a day's time. 

Truth bomb: If you never actually plan to become a successful blogger, you might as well stop reading. 

For the rest of us, it doesn’t stop with planning our day to day activities but it goes so much farther. Where do you see your blog 6 months from now? Where do you see your blog a year from now? What about 5 years down the line?

These are all questions I ask myself as well as any clients I work with to make sure everything lines up from their content, website, and future business goals on conquering their niche. It's important to also tie in your passions and personal goals too. If your business doesn't fall in line with your personal goals then sis, wyd?

Here’s where really digging deep into your brand comes into play. You need to know who you’re serving, why and how it will evolve over time. Stick to your mission and then grow and create goals. You need to map out how each week will get you to those long term goals months and years from now. Meaning every day needs to be bringing you closer to those goals.

Actionable steps to start making your plan:

1.     Get serious about your brand and make it crystal clear who you serve

2.     Make sure you know the ins and outs about your target audience, your niche and how it relates to you and your passion

3.     Develop short term goals from your long term goals. Think huge picture and then the steps you need to take to get there that you can do every month, then every week and then every day.

4.     Create intentional content that you can build on that your audience needs. You'll also need to stay in the know about your niche and your industry.

5.     Promote and share your intentional content and continue creating

6.     Repeat steps until you start checking big things off of your list

Each individual step will be more specific once you know what your goals are.

If you’re thinking you want to work with huge brands in the future, here’s an example of a plan: 

1.     Steps 1-5 above

2.     Create a media kit (really we should all have one on hand and I'm working on this also)

3.     Start working with smaller brands and pursuing opportunities. You’ll need to learn how to pitch yourself and your brand

4.     Use those opportunities as examples of your past work and start pitching bigger brands

5.     Start writing about bigger names, tagging them in your work etc while also creating a meaty selection of other blog posts

6.     Grow your presence and watch your opportunities begin to get bigger over time

For more detailed info on creating a business plan (plus a free helpful download) I used myself, check out Melyssa Griffin's post on the topic. She's one of my favs when it comes to the business and strategy side of blogging.