How to Create More Effective Blog Posts

how to create more effective blog posts

Imagine this: you’re going to a huge industry conference months from now and you’ve made your travel plans.

You finally get here and it’s nothing like you thought it would be. The conference advertised A content and you got B content. And even worse, it was content in a language you didn’t understand. Chances are you’ll go home disappointed in the wasted time and money. You’ll never attend that event again and you’ll tell your friends it was a waste. 

You probably won’t waste your energy telling the organizers how they should change it, you’ll just bad mouth it and never go again.

What if people did the exact same thing with your blog? 

You advertised certain content and set it up so that would get fantastic info on all things social media. Then, they log on and you’re talking about how to sew patches on thrift store jackets. They’re never coming back again for social media information, ever. And they’ll make sure to tell their friends not to either.

Not only do you need to give the right content out that you say you will, but it needs to be pieces that your audience can understand. If teens are your target audience, then don’t type anything at a college level. You have to think on the level of your audience,  and if they’re not interested or gaining knowledge from your content, something has to change. If nothing changes, your blog will disappear because it’s not serving a purpose. Once your content is in order, you can start driving more traffic to your site.

Is your blog actually serving a purpose to your readers?
— @thebronzehustle

By now, you should know that with TBH you’ll get bite-sized tips and inspiration to assist you. You’ll never have to grab a dictionary to read through a blog post and you shouldn’t have to do a ton of Googling unless you just want more information on the topic. I know how annoying it is going from page to page looking for information that shouldn’t be that difficult to find.

Here’s how to reshape your blog posts to make them twice as effective:

1.     Ask what your readers are interested in

How do you know what your audience is interested in if you never talk to them? I realized that many of my followers are new bloggers who are looking for foundational posts to get them moving. I would never know that if I wasn’t aware of my audience and where they hang out. I’ve done Twitter polls and little Instagram polls to ask my audience what it is that they want to work on. I mention in my social media copy that I want to hear what they have to say. 

I never want to create content specifically for myself. I want to help someone else to then spread their knowledge to their tribe. I use the opinions of my readers to start shaping my content into what they want and need, not always just what I want to talk about. You're not creating just for you. You never are.

Blog about what your audience needs, not what YOU WANT to talk about!
— @thebronzehustle

2.     Show personality

This might seem like a no-brainer but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a blog post and there was not a drop of personality. NOTHING. It was like reading an encyclopedia. Why on God’s green earth would anyone willingly read an encyclopedia? Share your story, share who you are and share what your blog is about.

I'm over editing this post listening to Future cause I'm "sophistiratchet" and I will gladly admit it in a blog post or IRL.

future dancing gif

3.     Include CTA’s

When people think of call to action's (or CTA's) they’re thinking of a phrase or content upgrade download at the end of the blog post but, there are different types of CTA’s. If you want your audience to stay on your blog, you need to hyperlink within your post and include bits of information from your site in your sidebar. Those are “silent CTA’s” that get people where you want them while they're reading. It can take at least 3 or 4 times for a person to see an ad or promo for them to act. And even longer if they're not good but, that's another post for another day. *sips tea*

Some people have newsletter popups etc and I personally find them annoying as a reader but many bloggers have proved that they work. I also feel like if you have information to give via email, you don't have to keep throwing it people's faces. But to each his own.

You also need a major CTA within and/or at the end of your post.  Tell them to download your worksheet, send tweets, click a certain link for information etc. I’ve noticed people are fairly shy at first with leaving comments on blog posts so you may need to create a CTA that people are more willing to do. It can take some trial and error with what your audience responds to.

That’s it! For more info on how to batch write and plan your blog posts, click here. I also created a file to help you format your blog post and a content calendar you can download once you access our Facebook group below:

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite