3 Major Mistakes You're Making in Your Blog Newsletters

why your newsletter is boring your audience

How many times have you heard that your newsletter is one of your most important pieces of your business or blog? Millions probably. Every other live video broadcast is about growing your followers and your newsletter list and there’s a reason why:

Your newsletter list is proven to convert more people than your social media will.

Do you know why? It’s because excellent newsletters get opened and then they convert. Crappy newsletters get tons of un-subscribers or never get opened to begin with. 

Extra Tip: Don't let un-subscribers scare you. Maya Elious said we need to celebrate getting inactive and uninterested people off the list anyway. They cost money and they're taking up space. 

What separates the excellence from the crap? The content.

We’re all sending out emails. It’s the content that really matters.
— @thebronzehustle

We’re all sending emails, it’s not the fact that you’re sending another blogger email, it’s what it contains. It’s how personal you speak to your audience and if the information is worth reading.

We all get too many emails. None of us care to read through them all so, you really only get a few seconds of someone’s time to scroll through your email and grasp their attention. I would dare to say you get 30 seconds from someone opening your email until the reader decides if the information is relevant to them before they act or close it. If it’s boring and crap, they’re going to close it.

Here are 3 things you could be doing to push your subscribers away:

1.     You’re only giving links to your posts = no real value

The traditional blog newsletter is dead.

Long gone are the days that bloggers send out a newsletter every week full of links from that week. For one: this is an email so information should be found within the email itself.

If you notice, most newsletters have substance beyond “read my blog” because everyone and their mama (literally) has a blog these days. Give a “favorites” roundup, give tips you just learned about SEO, offer a surprise freebie. Something!

If you notice your newsletters are getting lengthy cut the emails to have a description and a “read more” link that connects to the blog. That way, they still know what the post is about but they’re not drowning in a long post. And secretly, I want to bring them back to the blog anyway so now they have to get there anyway and why not click around since they’re already there?

2.     You're not showing any personality

why your newsletter is boring your audience

I used this gif in a past newsletter to explain how so many friendships fall apart when you're brand building and get deep in creating your empire.

Beyond using funny gifs, my favorite thing in the most recent years is emails with my name attached or emails that seem like the blogger knows me well. And you should know your audience well if you’re keeping an eye on your target audience and who’s engaging with your content.

I once sent an email blast and I got a reply back saying “Hey Shay, thanks for the email!” as if it was direct from my inbox and not Convertkit. That’s how I knew I was starting to hit the nail on the head.

Don’t send an email that feels impersonal and definitely don’t send an email without knowing what your audience is interested in.  

When I first offered the “Brainstorm. Create. Work.” Free Branding e-book, I didn’t have a distinct email segment going for them to follow because I was working hard just to get the e-book out period.

Imposter syndrome is real, ya’ll.

Now, I have emails set up to send to the email list because I know based on the content in the e-book, most of the subscribers are newbies to branding. So most future emails to the list will be to push them in the right direction.

You can set up segments (similar to an e-course) to send information after your subscribers download a freebie or buy from your website to keep them engaged and to keep them close to your brand. If you offer another freebie or product, they will most likely be the ones who purchase.

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Sharing your story builds trust with your email subscribers.
— @thebronzehustle

3.     You’re not making any info stand out

Your whole email being a block of text is a no-no.

It’s a no on a blog post and it’s an even bigger no in someone’s inbox. All emails don’t have to be super short but they do need to be broken into smaller paragraphs and divided with bolded lines, headlines, images or a combination of something so we’re not stuck just swimming in words.

I’m a fan of gifs and graphics so within my emails, I include them as they relate. And if you want people to click a link, bold it and mention it more than once so they really see it.

I want you to see THIS line so I bolded and used caps.

When someone wants to sell you something, they usually mention it at least twice just in case you missed it the first time. That goes for websites, social media etc. If you want people to see it, it has to be put out there more than once.

The recap is: don't get people to subscribe and then not give them anything to look forward to when they get on the list. Whether they subscribed for a freebie or just to hear more insight from you, make it worth their while every single time they open your emails.

Emails are precious spaces in our lives and so many go unread because we're a busy and multitasking generation. If your tribe can expect bomb emails every time you send them, they'll be way more likely to read and act on the information inside. It takes time to build that connection but once you start sending them things they NEED and things that work, they'll be waiting for more!

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite