How to Bring More Traffic to Your Blog

how to bring more traffic to your blog

Before you can even think about blog traffic you need the content to bring people too. When you launch you need at least 5 posts and then consistently put out quality posts.

So, your content is starting to pop and you have a few hundred hits but clearly, you need more people reading your content. I’m there too! I’m looking to have more readers who are actually coming back time after time for updated content. Otherwise, what’s the point? Blogging isn’t just a hobby for me, so I need people to be reading what I post and creating future career outlets for me.

But, how do you take your blog posts up a notch and start getting a little more traffic?

Here are five ways to shake things up a bit:

how to bring traffic to your blog


Well duh, you have to write. But the type of content you produce is important. You need a lot more evergreen content than trendy content. That means you’re not talking Taylor Swift break ups every few months but topics that will still be relevant months and years from now.

You need evergreen content, not trendy content.
— @thebronzehustle

But wait a second, those trendy pieces can catch a lot of traction at the time of the post. If you were the first blogger to break the news about a topic people care about and not many people know about, you’re guaranteed to get new website visitors. But that same post may not matter a week later so thread lightly.


Blogging is essentially a service. You’re giving your audience a service and if no one is interested in it, you need to know. You need to know where they are and what they like.

Next, connect with other bloggers and online entrepreneurs.  Collaborations are amazing and niche Facebook groups (like TBH's The Hustle Hive) will contain your counterparts and your audience. You need to go beyond your blog and see what everyone else is doing, not to steal ideas but just to peek at the industry.


This is the method on here that I will really be getting deeper into!

I’ll admit to anyone that SEO is up there with solving math problems for me but, it is very important and I’ve been avoiding it long enough. Of course, I use tags and have gotten better on the backend of using SquareSpace SEO but there are proven tactics that will gain more eyes on your blog.

One of them is using long tailed keywords. Basically, that just means you’re creating content based off of more complex phrases your audience may search for.

Instead of searching “recipes” people are more likely to search “chicken recipes for weight loss” instead. That phrase should be in your title, not just “recipes” and it zooms Google in on your post.


Create different types of content. Try formatting it in different ways and using various lengths and headlines. See what works and how your audience likes it. I’ve been trying to vary post lengths and adding a few new concepts here and there and gauging the response.

This is also when little polls on social media are a great tool. Ask your audience what they want to see. 

I created a graphic to ask my Instagram followers what they wanted to see as an content upgrades:

how to bring more traffic to your blog


Yeah, of course, you need to promote but how are you doing it?

Lazy promotions don’t equal sales.
— @thebronzehustle

The pattern of promotions, promotions, promotions, then finally decent content isn’t exactly shaking anyone’s Paypal account down either. In your copy, you need to give that information first and then promote. In your email lists and on social media, it’s the same way.

Speaking of social media, switch up your copy! With each TBH post, I like to do at least 10 that can be switched out over time. Some of your followers will get tired of reading the same thing over and over.

Then within your site, you need to hyperlink past blog posts in new blog posts and wherever you can. That way, if you’re promoting a new post, those old hyperlinks can bring traffic to older posts.

Make sure you're also capitalizing on your newsletter! When you have new posts, make sure your audience knows about them and that you really are working hard to build your brand and their influence.

In TBH's newsletter, I never bombard you with emails every day or discourage you with paragraphs full of "if you're not working, you suck" story line but actual bite-sized tips and real life things. If you're into the blog content, you might as well really become a tribe member and get on the list!