The Best Brain Dumping Technique for Creatives

brain dumping technique for creatives

First, what’s brain dumping? It’s a term that just means to get your thoughts out on the paper to figure out what you really need to be doing. Creatives in particular, have the habit of working on many projects and ideas at once and can easily get overwhelmed. That's where brain dumping comes in.

It’s Wednesday morning and you worked through Monday and Tuesday and now you’re stuck and all of your ideas and “to do’s” are swirling through your mind. What do you do next? You have three choices:

1.     Be scattered and work on too many things at once- this ends up accomplishing very little

2.     Get organized and work on what needs to really get done- BINGO

3.     Do nothing at all and get behind on your work- sucks to suck

I’ve done all three. And only number two pushes me toward my goals. As creatives, we often get stuck on what our next move should be. It’s okay to stop and regroup. Actually, make sure you stop every once in a while and regroup and assess what’s been going on and if you need to change things.

You should stop during your work process to assess what’s going on + what needs to be changed.
— @thebronzehustle

I am working on increasing my productivity. Not trying to change things but really making strides to slowly but surely change the way I do things. One thing I have gotten back into is reading. I completely fell out of the habit of picking up a good book after picking up books I HAD to read (or skim) in college.

eat that frog brain tracy

One book, recommended by my one of my favorite podcasters, Lisa Nicole Bell, that has been snatching my business-minded edges is “Eat That Frog!” by Brain Tracy. Your “frog” is your most important task you need to get done. Your task could be a big client project that will bring in coins or upload the blog posts your audience is expecting each week.

Get in the habit of doing your toughest tasks first.
— @thebronzehustle

The key to getting “unstuck” is to figure out what your biggest “frog” is and tackle it. Brian goes into detail here and this post is similar to how his book is set up.

You can’t figure that out without listing what needs to be done. When I get completely stuck or haven’t been keeping up with my to-do lists, I do this brain dumping technique so I can get that frog behind me:

1.     Take a handful of index cards and use the white side to name categories for the things you need to do: blog, clients, social media etc

I used index cards but you can just use notebook paper and separate it into 4 sections and write the categories at the top of each section. You may need to use a few sheets of paper (or write on the back)  to get all of your thoughts out.

2.     As the “to do” items start coming to you, use the lined sides (or sections) to start writing small lists

3.     Then number the top things on each small list. Number 1 is something that is really important and needs to be done ASAP. Number 2 and 3 are less important but still more important compared to everything else.

4.     Now, you can either take the top item of each list and figure out what your frog is OR take the top 3 items on each list and start writing daily to-do lists OR a combination of either of the above still working on your most important task first.

5.     Next, figure out what the small actionable items are to conqueror your frog and get it done!

If you’re a reader, grab Brain Tracy’s book “Eat That Frog” and they're numerous tactics for becoming more productive and more goal driven. Brian also has a free downloadable PDF with productivity tips in it as well! You can download it here.

Time is flying so make sure you're prepared for the days and years to come and setting your blog up for success! If I can help you out in any way, contact me and we can chat.

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite