5 Different Types of Collaboration (Excluding Blog Posts)

5 different types of collaborations

Whenever bloggers think about collaborations, everyone’s mind goes to webinars and blog posts and those two can become powerful ways to get different brands in front of different audiences but they are expected. It doesn’t take a year long collaboration to get someone’s else’s audience interested in you, it just takes a collaboration that is well done and beneficial. Collaborations don’t always include money, blog posts or long drawn out ideas that will bore your audience.

Collaborations are more than guest blog posts.
— @thebronzehustle

Think outside the box with these 5 other ways you can collaborate:

Host an online seminar and garner speakers

Not only are in person events popular but so are online events, seminars, chats, Periscope parties etc. You can find someone in your niche and reach out to both of your networks to see who would be interested in a joint online event. Once you have your partner in mind, you two can scheme up the details about who would be best for the event.

Write a guest newsletter

Remember, we’re branching out from the guest blog posts but having another person’s insight in front of your audience is always a popular idea, no matter the medium. In your newsletters, you should be giving insight and actionable tips anyway so why not recruit someone else with a powerful influence to give your subscribers a boost in the right direction? Community over competition.

Create a social media "take over"

These only work well if both brands already have popularity on social media otherwise no one will even notice the take over. All a take over means is that you give someone else temporary access to your social media channel and they post for a short amount of time based on what they may usually talk about on their own channel. I’ve seen a SnapChat take over where someone did a tour of the opening of the African American museum in D.C. and I’ve seen hair bloggers take over hair brand Instagram accounts for a few hours. You can mold the take over to make sense for your brands. Live takeovers and joint interviews are also a great idea!

Create a "think tank" to bounce ideas

My love, Chakayla J. Taylor, mentioned in that collaborations don’t have to be concrete ideas. Meaning, just working alongside another girlboss or becoming biz besties in general can become a collaboration. Chakayla and I begin doing this early on and it wasn’t until later that we realized that we had silently been collaborating. Sometimes, I need her input or sometimes she needs mine. If you're not sure how to approach someone, use this post before you craft your emails.

Stop trying to pass your competition and work with them instead.
— @thebronzehustle

Pass along potential clientele

I’ve been saying community over competition a lot lately because it’s what I want to leave with my audience. You don’t need to constantly be trying to “pass” the other people in your niche and gain recognition before them. 

That’s not how this works.

If someone approaches you about a service or product and you know other bloggers or small online business owners who offer something that the person can benefit from, pass them along. If you’re passing along potential clients, shoot the other business owner a quick email letting them know before you start passing out their email without their permission. Most people don’t mind email referrals when it comes to gaining potential clientele and they will most likely return the favor down the road when referring you to someone too.

Let’s make this year the year that we step outside of our comfort zones and explore what else is out there. If you hate making video content, start making more video content. If you always have blog post collaborations, do something else that will grow your brand.

Once we plant ourselves in comfort zones, the good stuff outside of what we can see starts to pass us by and we don’t even know it. Branch out a little and see how far you go.

For more information on collaborations, we have a full membership group called Hustle Hive Elite and one of the 90 minute classes is ALL ABOUT collaborations! 

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Note: The Bronze Hustle does not offer collaboration email writing services or consulting. Additional information regarding collaborations will be added to the blog, within Hustle Hive Elite or our Facebook group.

Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite