3 Ways to Amp up your Blog Content

3 ways to amp up your blog content

Everyone has a blog nowadays and beyond having a bomb personality, you need to have the content to back it up and stay ahead of the game. If you’re having trouble creating content consistently, you can join our Blogger Challenge to create up to 5 fully developed posts in 2 weeks!

It takes more than a bomb personality to be a great blogger. You need the content to back it up.
— @thebronzehustle

Having your hands in various projects can steal your time away from creating blog posts. That’s exactly what happened to me. I was developing so many other things that I neglected my blog. Posting on social media kept things alive but people were craving new posts. I knew that blogging should be kept as the core of my brand and then everything else flows.

To take it up a notch and really create content that really reels in your audience, you need Confident Copy but this post and this post are a great start.

A lot of us are creating content but how do we create better content? How do we get more eyes, more shares and more opportunities? Here 3 easy ways to step your game up:

Identifying Goals:

What are your goals for your blog posts? Everything you post should have a goal and be worked into your strategy.

For example:

Your Instagram story on your new workbook = promo to get people to buy

Your newsletter on your latest webinar = sign ups from your existing list = a deeper connection between you and your audience

For your blog posts, think ahead. Do you need to do some promoting for your newest product? Are you doing a tutorial or review as an example to show a brand later on down the road?

Optimizing your content

Some of your content that has already been created can be repurposed as a blog post. Those tips you mention on your Instagram account are the makings for a blog post. Posts on your site can sit and live on your site forever while the original social media post slides further down your timeline.

Creating paths

You want your blog readers to constantly cycle through your content. You want them to stay on your website as long as possible and you do that by hyperlinking posts and making it easy for them to navigate through your content. If we have to struggle to read through more than one blog post at a time, we never will. You also need to tie this into the goals we talked about in Number 1. If you’re launching something new, you need to make paths to keep getting us there by creating relevant call to actions.

All of these boil down to thinking ahead and having at least a brief strategy in place. When you think ahead, your content makes way more sense and resonates with your audience.


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