5 ways to Repurpose Your Content

Spending countless hours on building your brand is inevitable. We spend so many hours creating content to stay on top of things. I would spend so much time to create newsletter content, Instagram content, Facebook content etc when in reality, so much of it is all related.

Recently, I created an Instagram stories series that I carried over to my Facebook group. The topic was creating better Instagram stories so naturally I gave tidbits on my actual stories and then gave full length information on live Facebook videos. From my notes for my videos, I created a few general social media posts, posts within my group, a worksheet, a blog post and a newsletter. All of this is also supporting content for a bigger project that I plan to release. Remember how I spoke about creating content with goals and connecting things?

Stop hustling backgrounds and create content once and turn it into:

Stories/Live videos/webinars

Video content is everywhere and there is no escaping it. You need to take full advantage of this growing trend without exhausting yourself. If you need a boost, follow our 14 day live challenge.

Lessons on social media

You know by now that pretty pictures don’t equal a strategy. Back up your strong graphics with strong content.


Newsletters can basically be formatted the same way as blog posts. You have your major points to make, links to insert and a call to action. Here’s the newsletter I created based on the Instagram stories lesson:

Content upgrade

Worksheet content basically makes itself if you have the framework. What are people learning from your content? What are the tiny questions to answer to get there?

Another blog post

This blog post basically stems from a few others and directly connects to the other content I have created recently. It was a no-brainer to explain how important repurposing is.

Notice that my main goal for creating this content was to gain more intentional members to my Facebook group. Not only do I love the one-on-one interaction with my tribe, I love having a solid group to feed into and give my exclusive content and opportunities to. 

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite