Blogger Challenge: Create 5 Posts in Less than 2 Weeks

blogger challenge

Since TBH is transitioning into a content marketing blog, meaning we all should be creating content that means something and doesn’t just look pretty, blogging is super important! Blogging creates authority and trust and those are two major things we need when we have products, services or want to partner with major brands. Basically a great blog site could be your answer to creating more coins down the road.

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To push you out of your comfort zone of posting and writing when you “feel like it,” I put together a little challenge! Between now and this time next week, I want you to brainstorm 3-5 blog posts. And no, you're not getting off the hook by just making bullet points 😊  You're going to outline them and then write them all by the following week. And there's no strict timeline on the challenge! You can start at any time and use TBH resources to get moving.

There’s a ton of support on creating better blog posts within our Facebook group, the hustle hive! Join us by clicking the blue button.

You're probably thinking, "Is she crazy?! It takes long enough to write just one post!" That's why this is a challenge. A challenge is meant to push you out of your comfort zone. Do you want to grow or not?

If you're feeling ambitious, we also have a live challenge to get you out of your own way on Facebook and Instagram Live.

Here's how you're going to do this:

1. Read this blog post on how I batch write and use it to shape your process. You don't have to batch your posts the exact same way but, it's a good starting point. Either way, you'll never get more than one post done without batching!

2. Once you know more about how you plan to write and develop your new posts, you can start creating new post ideas from scratch, take from your editorial calendar OR take a blog post you've already written and use the subtitles to brainstorm a new post.

Example: 5 ways to wear a white button down can equal a post on work shirts, weekend outfits, work to bar outfits Etc.

3. In one week’s time, you need to have these posts outlined and have a call to action and resources/relevant posts to hyperlink

4. Within our Facebook group full of bloggers and business owners, I have recorded live videos to give pointers on how to create great blog posts. Just join our group and search "What makes a great blog" for one of our recent live videos on the topic!

If you’re not a blogger, create posts for social media that can be either content for captions and/or live video. Believe it or not, you need to be thinking like a blogger sometimes. Because content is king! Great content causes people to come back and consume more and bigger things you create. Crappy content pushes them to the brands that have great content.
We're all aiming for the great, consistent content that keeps our audiences coming.

Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite