5 Goals You Need to Hit When Creating Blog Content

5 goals you need to hit when creating blog content

When I first started blogging, after maybe 3 failed blogs, I had no idea about content marketing. Yep, now it is something I specialize in now that I’m well versed in the blogging world but back then, I didn’t know up from down. I was just creating to create and now I can create content content and have numerous ideas because I have a solid understand of content marketing and how it connects to my brand. We're going to take the scenic route for creating goals for your blog and take a lesson through content marketing and B2B and B2C businesses (this is still relevant for bloggers so don't click off!)

If you’re not sure what content marketing is, I’ll break it down for you:

The Content Marketing Institute (yes, there’s a full-blown institute) defines it as this:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. 

So basically, that e-book you’ve been sitting on or that blog post you created to showcase your talents for potential clients, all equal out to being content marketing. All of those things (and whatever else you do) should be used strategically to create clientele, loyal readers or followers.

Always keep this in mind:

  • Everything you create is content in some form, whether you’re just chatting on Twitter or showing us your new hair on Instagram stories or teaching your audience something new
  • Some content just flows naturally and some content you need to create more systems and thought processes to create and come up with solutions on creating more consistently and quicker
  • Not all content has to “feel” like strategy to be strategic = even your cute #BTS content is still apart of your brand and its message

To fully move The Bronze Hustle forward through content marketing, I have to understand HOW I should market, WHO I’m marketing, HOW they like to consume the information and WHERE the information should be:

How I should market: B2B or B2C or a strategic mixture of the two and create a plan from there

Who I’m marketing: I have exact member profiles created PER the type of person, not a vague group

How they like to consume: What types of content resonate most?

Where should the information be: What platform(s) should I focus on to make the most of my time and make my audience members happy and fulfilled?

To fully understand creating content goals and better content marketing, we have to dig deeper on who we serve. First, let’s make sure that we understand B2B and B2C models:

B2B marketing is considered “business to business” meaning, your tool, product or service is made for other business owners.

B2C marketing is considered “business to consumer” meaning your tool, product or service is for the everyday consumer.

So, for example, let’s look at the top of Hootsuite’s (current) homepage:

hootsuite for social media marketing

The homepage banner image says, “From finding prospects to serving customers, Hootsuite helps you do more with your social media.”

They are clearly focusing on B2B because the everyday consumer is not looking for other consumers.

B2B businesses are helping you make money while also making your life easier in the process. A B2C company is feeding a “gotta have it now need” while also making everything clear and efficient.

I don’t “NEED” Spotify but I also don’t “want” to listen to the radio. To keep listeners and people signing up for Spotify Premium, they need to create a “need” and differentiate themselves as a B2C company.

So, for The Bronze Hustle, one of my goals is to create successful bloggers, business owners and online entrepreneurs through online education. And because I offer different programs and products, physical and digital, the major goal is to become a lead generation blog and community.

Newbies who probably haven’t launched yet or are on the “research hamster wheel” are usually B2C consumers because they are looking to become informed and comforted in their new decision to potentially make money online. Notice, most newbies are professional researchers though and not always action takers.

Those newbies are cool but they’re shifty. B2C consumers will sway based on price or efficiency EASILY. Whereas people who are in the B2B category are looking for knowledge and thought leadership and place a high value on sticking with their first decision.

Think about the last time you went to the grocery store and saw that your favorite brand of ____ was way more expensive than the generic store brand. If you thought for more than 5 seconds “I’m just going to go with the store brand.” You’re shifty. We all are as B2C consumers. If it’s not fast, reliable and cheap OR makes us feel elite, we’re probably moving on.

Now, in contrast, think about the last time you logged into your bank app and you realized you were charged a fee. Do you immediately withdraw all of your money and move to the next bank? No, because you have already weighed most of your options before you opened the bank account. Maybe after you have been made consistently unhappy, you may move your money but you usually won’t change immediately unless given a good reason to or a much better alternative.

Usually, a B2B decision takes more time and research, while a B2C decision can be changed immediately.

Now, relating this to blogging: I do not aim to “please” internet newbies strictly because they are unreliable. They would be considered B2C consumers aka randoms who find me through Google (I still like solid SEO, don’t get me wrong) or through social media because I have a cute feed and they’re interested in the topic.

A better goal is to take those “baby” B2B consumers and turn them into customers. Hustle Hive Elite was created to take bloggers and online entrepreneurs over that hump of making rash decisions to making clear business decisions. Those are the EXACT people I prefer in my audience.

I said ALL of that to say, I create content for those who are interested in investing in themselves and their business. So the content that comes from The Bronze Hustle has to be a step up from general information to catch the attention of someone growing a business.

There are a ton of Google results not because we want to scroll them all but to give us options on what exactly we’re looking for. Some people are looking for surface information on business because they’re not truly in business (B2C) and then there are those who are truly looking to make money online (B2B).

To steer away from a strictly B2C crowd and relate to a strong B2B audience, my content has to:

Read their minds: 

Describe where they are and what they should do next based on their situation (aka buy your product, subscribe to your list etc.)

Solve a problem: 

The moment you solve a problem and give a solid solution is the moment where your audience begins to trust you

Stir solutions and produces “aha” moments:

You want responses like “this is exactly what I needed to move forward!”

Build on their current knowledge: 

Otherwise, how do you become a trusted source?

Inspire and encourage: 

No one (usually not a B2B customer) wants to consume crap all day

And because I’ve created an ideal audience member avatar, or four actually, I know my audience members like the back of my hand to make sure I’m on par while creating content, rather that be blog content, newsletter content or content for my Facebook group.

Knowing your audience like the back of your hand, knowing what to create and knowing where and how to create it are all super important to make sure that you make money online.
— @thebronzehustle

Knowing your audience like the back of your hand, knowing what to create and knowing where and how to create it are all super important to make sure that you make money online.

When I first launched TBH, I knew about call to actions but, they were never strong and I definitely didn’t hit any goals with my content. I thought the shares and likes were cute but had no clear goals or a point B to aim to.

Now, that I know the importance of strategy and getting my readers to a clear destination through my content, things have been a lot clearer and my brand has been a million times stronger.

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite