How to make money online by niching down

how to make money online by niching down

How many of you have launched your blog only to realize that you were casting your net too wide? You wanted to talk about almost everything that interests you and it left you trying to cover too many bases and not the ones that were most important.

You don’t niche down to exclude people, you niche down to make sure to include the right people.

For example: If you create a blog for pizza lovers, you might realize that you know the most about pepperoni pizza and that most of your readers’ favorite topping is pepperoni.

So why would you create posts around veggie lovers? Do you see what I mean? While including all pizza lovers, you end up confusing your audience and specifically your most loyal audience members.

When you try to focus on everyone, you end up neglecting your loyal audience members.
— @thebronzehustle

Is it better to have an audience of people who are all vaguely interested or a tight-knit audience that eats up your every word? (pun intended)

I’m pretty sure the people who have a wide net have also researched themselves to death. If you have been saying “I’m going to launch ______” for longer than 3 months, I’m talking about you!

There is a clear reason why people who get stuck researching how to launch a blog for 6 months wear themselves out before they even get in the race. What are you researching for 6 months that you won’t even encounter after a year? What topics are you bypassing because you don’t fully understand the process? There are so many gaps when you spend months or even years on the “research hamster wheel:”

You’re researching “what if” scenarios: You don’t need to know how to reach out to Target yet if you don’t have a site up.

You’re researching things that are general information: For many of us nothing truly makes sense once you do it. You can research Facebook groups all day but until you RUN one, you don’t truly know what it’s like or what pitfalls you’ll run into.

The pattern should be research- implement- research.

Briefly, research the framework: What programs will you use? What tools?

Implement: Actually use the tools and get moving and figure out when and where the pivots need to happen

Research when you hit another roadblock: Because there will be questions you have to answer that won’t make sense if you try to research them beforehand and implement again.

It’s a constant cycle. If you get caught doing more work than researching, you’ll probably work yourself into circles and if you do more researching than anything, you won’t even make a full 360 or ever make money online.

When you launch and implement, you realize what direction you would rather go in. That’s why so many of us say to figure out what you can, jump and then figure out the rest.

You do need to do more implementing than researching BUT be sure to also have a strategy in place.

Some things don’t make any sense until you experience them yourself. Niching down is one of them.

As a newbie, it is typical to have “all” syndrome:

“I have to reach ‘all’ the bloggers”

I want to help ‘all’ women”

I want every single person that follows me to be a customer. It has to be ‘all’ of them for me to make a profit.”

Nope. It doesn’t work that way. You get out of the research haze and you get out of the “all syndrome” and then you realize that you’re slowly losing interest in what you’ve built. It's a natural progression to gain more clarity over time.

Chances are, it is the perfect time to niche down. Niching down just means that “all” syndrome is over and you now have an ideal audience member created so you know exactly the TYPE of person you are looking to reach. There are plenty of that specific type of person to fill your audience with.

Here are a few signs it’s time to niche down:

You end up doing work you have no interest in because you realize that it’s not your “thing” anymore

Your goals are too vague because you haven’t narrowed your focus

Your followers are some of everyone but none of the people you really wish to attract

When you niche down, a magical thing happens: almost everyone who follows you is actually interested in the exact same thing.

When you niche down, it creates a path for you to great better and more concentrated content. No more floating in the wind! No more “Topic Tuesday” posts on topics you couldn’t care less about.

As a result of you hitting a pocket of momentum in the right direction, your content starts to blossom just from your built-in niche.
— @thebronzehustle

As your content blossoms and you are more satisfied with your direction, your audience is more drawn to you. Now instead of just creating content for all women, you create for a very specific group of women and they are more likely to join your tribe. We don’t want EVERYBODY following us just to follow. We need engagers. People who will buy and consume what we have to offer because they can fully relate to the content.

The most important thing that happens when you niche down is you up level yourself and your expertise. IHOP doesn’t have to be great at steak because they’re known for pancakes. If you order steak at IHOP and it sucks, who’s fault is that? Instead of being a “Jill of all trades” and being a master of none, being a master of just a few things puts you higher on the list of those teaching and I know that I want TBH to become an authority online.

So if you’ve been on the fence about niching down, think about how much smoother your path could be if you didn’t try to talk about everything? That’s exactly why I decided to calm down on the “everything” tips and focus on content marketing. How can I teach my audience to be better creators based on what they offer to the world that causes them to make more money? That’s a lot more important than telling you how to engage on Twitter.

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite