Branding 103: Sharing Your Story

branding and sharing your story

This is Branding 103, if you missed the other two in the series, click the links below:

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I watched a free webinar months ago about sharing your story in your content and I’ve been doing it every since. If you notice, usually at the beginning of blog posts, I include a little personal background on why the subject is important to me. If I don’t mention pieces of my story in the beginning of the post, I mention it as the post goes on to tie in my story. When I created the mission statement, I knew that I was always going to have a deep connection to my tribe and to my brand.

Here’s a piece of TBH's Mission Statement:

“The mission of The Bronze Hustle is to encourage, teach and create a community for black millennial women through actionable tips and resources for even more powerful online presences. The Bronze Hustle is not just a blog, but a hub for women to learn and empower others through blogging, online entrepreneurship, and social media.”

TBH isn’t here to tell you your blog sucks but it is here to establish a connection with you and give you tips and tricks on how to transform your online presence, along with many other powerful girl bosses who are readers and followers. Those girl bosses could be reading anything on Google but because they’re developing a connection with me, they come to TBH and I’m forever grateful!

Inputting yourself in your business brand establishes you as the head of your brand.
— @thebronzehustle

As much as I want TBH to be a community, I never want to lose my input as “the head voice.” Inserting pieces of your personal brand into your business brand basically establishes you as “the head voice.” Meaning as the head, you can share personal things as they relate to your content. This doesn’t mean we want to see 5 million posts about your dog or kids on your business page, this just means you have a say and your voice is important.

1.     Do introduce yourself as the Editor-in-Chief (or whatever your title is) on your social media/ business pages and share pieces of who you are

Don’t bore your audience with cat photos every day

2.     Do share your business hits and misses as you share tips

Don’t share so many hits and misses that you don’t share tips at all

3.     Do share why the topic and business aspect matters to you

Don’t specifically just share why you need people’s money because the topic is important to you. AKA: don’t beg for sales just because you’re good at something, this is why you give out freebies and actionable content.

Share how you relate to your brand but don’t drown your audience in selfies and cat pictures.
— @thebronzehustle

The key is balancing and not leaning so heavily on your personal brand is making sure that you’re not itching for recognition or sales. You should be a part of your personal brand, but it’s not just about you, it’s about your business. Be personable but not to the point of taking the shine off of your blog and business.

You need to share your story, specifically on your blog and social media because it creates ties with your audience. Share snippets of how you grew your social media channels and also the importance of your subjects while giving tips.

branding and sharing your story

Just recently, I posted about how the week, hormones, police brutality and just life were kicking my butt and I had cried every day that week. Not only was the week kicking my butt but I was discouraged because of technical difficulties with a webinar that I had prepared for weeks ahead. It just let my audience know that crap happens and we can post girl boss quotes everyday but that doesn't mean any of us are indestructible. We can have crappy days, weeks or even months but the key is to stay strong.  I got a lot of encouraging comments on the post and it made me a lot more human compared to the other carefully curated #girlboss Instagram feeds. 

Perfection isn't everything. Humility and transparency are. 

You can create your own outlet to share tidbits of your life but the major key is to make your story easy to access and watch your audience and your engagement grow. Sharing yourself within video content is always a fabulous way to let others in but you should be able to show pieces of yourself within your content everywhere.

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite