Branding 104: Keeping Your Brand Consistent + Visible on Social Media

branding and consistency on social media

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It’s really easy to lose your brand in the hustle and bustle of social media with so many other girl boss brands out there. Chances are there are millions of brands catered to the exact same audience as yours. Just with TBH, I can’t name how many accounts I’ve come across on Instagram that have a similar theme and target audience.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that I stay consistent and do things that will push my brand to the top that other brands are missing.

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The worst possible thing you can do after you create your brand is to become discouraged and neglect all of your hard work. It’s okay to regroup. I’ve had to step back before and regroup with my own brands and figure out a better plan but, the key is to never get discouraged or overwhelmed to the point of quitting.

You started this game so keep running until you get where you want to be and then figure out what’s next for you. In order to keep running, we have to stay consistent not just on our websites but also on social media. Rekita Nicole mentioned in a blog post that she views her website like her house and her social media as her cars that transports people over to her house. You ultimately want to make people feel comfortable interacting and learning more about your brand so that they become loyal and a part of your tribe.

Here’s what you need to do to stay consistent on social media:

1.     Maintain a consistent voice and tone

Within all of your content on your website and on social media, your voice should sound the same. Once you know how your voice will come off, you can start using it to your advantage to get to know your audience. If you speak in a “hey, girl, hey” tone on Twitter and a “Hello, woman, hello” tone on your blog, you’re more likely to be forgotten because that audience recognition isn’t there. Your audience doesn’t know you for a certain voice and tone because you don’t give off a consistent one, hence why they aren’t eager to follow and read your content.

When you don’t know your brand’s voice, it’s harder for your audience to want to follow it.
— @thebronzehustle

2.     Rotate your message everywhere

Your logo is a given on social media but are you using the same tone and messaging everywhere from your bio to your social media captions and blog posts. The message has to be crystal clear for people to really be drawn in. Tatum Temia recently released a podcast episode on "Blessed and Bossed Up" on Lifestyle Marketing that is full of gems on how to adequately create a lifestyle around your brand.

3.     Create a strategy for ALL of your content

On your blog and website:

This also seems like a given but as I have created my own strategies, I realized how much it was lacking as I began TBH. No one knows exactly what they are doing in the beginning and lucky for me, I’ve learned a lot of things quickly but there are still many things I don’t know or haven’t had a chance to do on my own.

For your content, you need a content calendar but you also need a way to tie in everything you offer from your website or blog into your social media. If you’re offering a product and no one knows about it, then are you really offering a product? You should create posts to specifically highlight what should be highlighted.

Once you have freebies, or products and services, you need a plan to rotate them within your blog and social media. In what posts do that fit as CTAs? Figure out what content needs to be produced before and after your products and services so that your content can continue to circle around them. Then, create a plan that coincides with your social media.

For example, I created the Branding 100 series (what you're currently reading) so that I can give more information on branding and beef up my knowledge to give and to also mention the "Brainstorm. Create. Work." free branding e-book. When people download the e-book, they'll get information in their email inbox on branding, information on the blog in this series, and information on social media. I won't link the e-book yet because I plan to revamp and re-release it soon but it's perfect that I already have content surrounding the topic to link the e-book to.

On your social media:

Once you know more about your content strategy on your blog or website, you can translate it into your social media.

Maybe you have an e-book named “How to Become a Successful Fashion Blogger” and then you need to create content to share that relates to that topic. When you have that content that backs up your products or services, you’re not fishing for ways to mention it. Here are a few ways I mentioned The BCW e-book on Instagram (that is now only available in Hustle Hive Elite) and notice I didn't post the same graphic over and over. There are ways to promote without being repetitive. 

keeping your brand consistent on social media
keep your brand consistent on social media

Every social media channel should have its own identity so you know what and how to share content. To make sure you stay on brand, you should have a specific one-liner for each channel.

Each of your brand’s social media channels should have a separate identity.
— @thebronzehustle

In this example, I’ll use TBH. We all know that the TBH brand prides itself on sharing useful tips and tricks everywhere so, its social media identities may look something like this:

“The Bronze Hustle uses Twitter to share blog posts, updates and promotions directly from the blog.”

“The Bronze Hustle uses Instagram to further drive points from the blog and create an engaged community on and off of social media."

But just because your brand has a separate identity on another channel does not mean it becomes another brand. Instead, it becomes a versatile brand.

Also remember that you don’t have to be on every social media channel there is. In the beginning, it’s actually beneficial for you to spend your time on growing one or two at a time and then expanding to other channels that your audience is strongest on.

In your newsletter:

Look at your newsletter as a direct gateway to your blog. So if your blog is your house and your social media is your car, then your newsletter is your driveway. Sometimes you gain subscribers from social media and sometimes they discover your website first and want to explore other things you have to offer = getting outside to the driveway(newsletter) and/or into the car (your social media).

Once you have your readers hanging out in your driveway, chances are they’re ready to go in the house or already have been inside. So since you know for a fact that they’re interested in your website, all you have to do is make sure you keep pushing them there. Give them solid information in your newsletter and a few links back to it and they’ll for sure be back on your website. Give them a reason to explore your e-book on fashion blogging by giving them tiny tips on how to be successful and then feed them the real deal through the e-book.

To continue with the house guest example, your freebie or opt-in means that you fed them something but the real deal comes in a full meal for VIPs. The VIPs have bought your products or services and deserve special treatment but so do the people who are coming in just to eat snacks and leave. You always want to create that interaction that keeps them coming back and consistent branding throughout all channels will keep them interested.

My guess is since you got on this post, you’re looking to really put in some work behind the scenes and make your brand pop. Join our Free mini course on monetization:

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite