So, you’ve started your blog. But now you’re focused on one or all of the following:

  • Growing your email list
  • Growing your social media followers
  • Growing your pockets while also serving your audience

No one told you that starting a blog meant putting on countless hats to create the brand you dreamed up in your Google Docs. But your blog was your starting spot and it’s still the most important piece of the puzzle. Everything else disappears like your cute Instagram story at Starbucks but blog posts are forever.

When you’re creating better content you get more eyes. When you have more eyes, you have more authority. When you have more authority, you gain trust and can begin offering more within your brand.

That little list above will become a piece of cake once your content starts really impressing your audience.

Now introducing... Confident Copy

Confident Copy is a FREE 3 day email course to take your content up a few notches so you can gain new followers, subscribers, clients, customers and every other number included in your monthly and yearly goals for your blog. If your content isn’t there, neither is your audience. If your audience isn’t there, you’re not hitting any of those goals.

Day one consists of creating better posts that are guaranteed to be shared and read

Day two consists of repurposing your content and making it work for you

Day three consists of building interaction within your tribe and consistently reeling in the right people