Creative Control 1: Disconnecting to Reconnect

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Creative Control is The Bronze Hustle’s biweekly newsletter. We’re sharing our first three issues with you so you can see what dopeness we’re cooking up over here.

In the first issue of Creative Control, we’re exploring the topic of disconnecting to reconnect to your mission, your vision and your why -- rather that be in your life or in your business. It’s fitting that we talk about this within the first issue because it fits perfectly between our “Redefining the Hustle” campaign and our new “Personal Space” campaign. If you missed it, RTH was all about our realignment and discovering our new relationship with hustling and PS is about how we take up space and create as black women entrepreneurs and creatives etc. Within our campaigns and in our personal lives, we know just how important it is to let things slip between the cracks purposely in order to gain a better grasp of the big picture purposefully.


FEATURE POST // The best of TBH

chakayla taylor

Chakayla Taylor on Finding Divine Purpose Through Food and Love

“Honestly, I didn’t think I would ever CHOOSE to become a single mother, let alone a single mother of two young children. There were many reasons why I should have stayed, but they were not greater than me gaining the peace of mind, abundance and tranquility that I have been praying for. I wanted my space to create. I wanted my space to be who CHAKAYLA was, unapologetically. I wanted the time to figure out who I was as a mother.”


WORK // Things for your brand’s growth

If you’re feeling anything on this list, it might be time for you to rebrand:

  • You’re no longer excited or fulfilled with the work- The work is more daunting than usual and because of that..

  • You’re constantly dropping the ball - Just like working a job you hate. You’re showing up late, making excuses and not giving anything your best effort

  • You’re creating something just to have something to put out - Instead of everything having a purpose and being strategically placed, you’re checking a box

  • You’ve sidestepped your own plans and spent all of your time modeling your brand after someone else’s - what someone else has created sounds good so you’re following their script but it has nothing to do with what you actually want for your brand

  • Your focus or your goals have changed - naturally, your goals should progress but if they feel completely disconnected, it’s time to reassess

  • Your audience have changed - all of a sudden you look up and you’re talking to a completely different set of people and now you have to re-frame your content and offerings to make it make sense

Sounds like you?

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LIFESTYLE // Things for your growth

To reconnect in your personal life, we always recommend taking a step back from social media. For us, that usually means a detox of a least of week of no social media. So schedule your posts and have those inner conversations you need to have to be able to serve and move freely.

Here are a few quick social media detox questions to journal and check in with yourself:

  • What is the goal of the detox? What do I want to learn or achieve by the end of this detox?

  • What do I need to unlearn in order to achieve my desired result?

  • Beyond social media, what else can I take a break from that would enhance my results?

  • What am I faced with that feels impossible to conquer? Can I come up with any tactics during this detox? Who can I reach out to or create a relationship with that could help me get to the other side?

    Feel free to leave any other good questions or check in exercises in the comments. Have you done a social detox lately? What did you gain from it?


GROUP CHAT // The real deal from your fav brand

“I don’t mean to be distant. Just minding my business.”

I overheard two older people talking during my aunt’s 4th of july cookout and it went something like this:

*older man arrives and speaks to everyone*

Lady he knows once he gets to her: “You don’t call me no more. What’s been up with you?”

Man: “I don’t halfway call nobody.”

Same. Sir. Same.

Sometimes it’s on purpose. Sometimes it’s out of boundaries. Sometimes TBH needs a ton of my time and energy. Sometimes because I’ve given my all for the day at work and in life and can’t find the energy to carry on another conversation. Sometimes, let’s just be real, I don’t feel like talking to NOBODY.

That original sentence about being distant was an actual text I sent my friend once she asked me was I ok because we hadn’t seen each other or talked in a while. It seems like people take it personally or think you just may be sitting at home in the dark because you don’t pick up the phone. At first, my natural response was to be a little defensive like “girl, this is about me not you.” LOL But no, really, she was actually concerned. She’s a good friend.I have to remind myself that sometimes people are actually genuinely worried when you fall off, even if you fell off intentionally.

I can’t possibly refuel if I’m always available to give what I have. You can’t either. It’s ok to fall back and not say much of anything. I think more people should do it with purpose and have a plan when they feel overwhelmed or when it’s time to bounce back to hit people up again. What tactics do you use? Leave a comment below and let us know.


GOOD FINDS // Dope things on the internet + resources + just random things you’ll probably like

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