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Creative Control is The Bronze Hustle’s biweekly newsletter. We’re sharing our first three issues with you so you can see what dopeness we’re cooking up over here.

Welcome to the second issue of Creative Control! If you missed it, the first issue of Creative Control was all about disconnecting to reconnect to your mission, your vision and your why -- rather that be in your life or in your business. You can read the first issue here and if you’ve read both, it’s time for you to go ahead and just join us and subscribe below. When you subscribe, you also get access to our full archive of issues.

For this issue, we’re continuing the same ideas and building on how we can be more intentional with how we can show up in our work. It’s not just important to say you want to be successful, it’s important to make a habit of filling in the gaps and building on what you have. We’re not about speaking in lack but making it possible to do everything we can in our power to hit our goals.


FEATURE POST // The best of TBH

the bronze hustle newsletter

Letter from the Editor: Take Up Space, Sis

The “Personal Space” campaign is all about Black women unapologetically expanding, being better versions of themselves and taking up space. We’re not shrinking for the sake of someone else’s insecurity or expectations.

“Personal Space” is also the act of literally expanding into different niches, purchasing domains and spreading our work beyond social media. Figuratively making our presence known and cultivating what it means to be a woman who is the loudest version of herself in every room.


WORK // Things for your brand’s growth

Let’s take a moment to talk about customer experience and your role in making sure things run smoothly

Customer experience is so important and here’s why:

  • If you’re having a bad day or week, it doesn’t show in your results.

  • It keeps your clientele happy and hopefully coming back

  • It sets you up for the next level of excellence

Excellence isn’t about being perfect, it’s about putting your best foot forward at all times. No one cares if you’re “charging your worth” if your customers aren’t having the best possible interactions with you or your brand.

If you don’t actually have clients or customers yet or have a different path, think about the people who could potentially pay you. Those are the people you want to impress.

Here’s what that can look like:

  • Hiring people who know what they’re doing to represent your brand well and not just ones who are less expensive

  • Showing up when you said you would

  • Double and triple checking behind yourself

  • Anticipating others’ needs

  • Slowing down and working more efficiently vs. working quicker but with many mistakes

Here’s an exercise you can do to get your brain moving: Click the link below to a blog post with 10 customer experience examples. Read through each example and write down ways that your brand, business etc. could incorporate each one. Whatever makes sense for you to build on, think about incorporating it before the end of the year.


LIFESTYLE // Things for your growth

One of our favorite posts on the website is the one that featured our friends Gabrielle, Victoria (she designed our new logo!) and Jasmine chatting about their resources and what they’re learning while building multiple ventures and brands.

We asked Gabrielle this question: “How do you distinguish the target audiences for each brand? Or does it seem like they naturally mesh together?”

Here’s how she responded: “My target audience is like a venn diagram. You’ve got traits and behaviors that distinguish each brand, but some core values (real, raw, and relatable) that align with Gabrielle the person that exist in that middle space and ensure continuity. I often feel like I’m all over the place in my work and branding because I do a lot and sometimes it feels like each project speaks to very different sides of myself and people as a result. It can be hard bringing all of myself to the forefront of my work, which is something I’m always striving to do. “

Something that really stood out in Gabrielle’s response was that she made sure that everything she creates centers around core values. How do your personal core values show up in your work?

And of course, we’re going to link the post again because it’s that good. Go back and read it if you haven’t already and let us know anything that stood out to you. Which woman’s journey do you identify most with?


GROUP CHAT // The real deal from your fav brand

“When you feel the need to show someone their lane, do it. Respectfully of course. But do it. “

Everyone’s not going to get “it.” Everyone doesn’t care that you’re building something. Everyone isn’t your target audience anyway. With that comes a lot of boundary drawing. You don’t have to “put people in their place” as much as you should draw boundaries and realign someone with their lane. You don’t have to take their crap. You don’t have to consistently plead your case or beg them to understand. You can create a lane for them and let them know when they’re swerving. “Keep that same energy…but over there.”


GOOD FINDS // Dope things on the internet + resources + just random things you’ll probably like

We’re not going to tell you what this one is so you can be surprised when you click here! Hint: Block out a few hours to enjoy this nostalgic moment. At about the 00:20 mark, you’ll remember what it is.

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