Creative Control 3: Your Purpose Portfolio

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Your purpose portfolio sounds very “woo woo” and it kind of is. But we wouldn’t be TBH if we didn’t come up with the term intentionally. Think about a business portfolio and how they all sit under the main parent company. Now, think about your purpose. It’s okay if you’re a little shaky on what your purpose is, we’ll cover that in the lifestyle section below. You can jump there if it makes more sense for you.

Most of us have a purpose that can take numerous twists and turns and maybe that’s what makes life so exciting: you can take your God-given talents and interests and turn them into several ventures, hobbies, and whatever else to help people and get your individual message across. Your purpose isn’t singular, it’s a big umbrella for what you can do while you still have the time and the headspace to do it. Your purpose portfolio is just a cute way of organizing all of your “things.” In this issue, we’re discovering how we can expand and move within our portfolios.

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FEATURE POST // The best of TBH

the bronze hustle newsletter

Purposed to Publish: When You Know You Have a Book Living Inside of You

“I published my book in December 2017 and I remember the feeling before I announced it to the world. I was nervous, feeling a little insecure, excited—but more than anything, I felt ready to share... or so I thought I was.”


WORK // Things for your brand’s growth

We came across a comment in a business Facebook group where the woman commenting mentioned that she would rather make her money in her business and then work on her purpose.

It’s something to think about when you think of which comes first or if they come at the same time. There’s no right way to work through it but, sometimes it does make sense to have some cash set aside to put towards your purpose work.

Think about these questions this week:

  • If you already know your purpose, develop a rough draft of your purpose portfolio and how your “things” work together and bounce off of each other.

  • Which way makes the most sense for you: building your business first or pursuing your purpose first?

  • Have you incorporated your purpose into your business or does it feel like your purpose portfolio lives outside of your business?

    We would love to hear your thoughts on how you keep everything organized in the comments!


LIFESTYLE // Things for your growth

If you’re saying to yourself, “Wait, there’s that purpose conversation again and I still have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing or if I even know my purpose yet.”

Here’s the thing: We often make purpose talk sound super huge and lofty. Sometimes it is. Sometimes your purpose could be simple but with multiple entry points. The exercise in our last Creative Control issue would be the perfect place for you to begin to dig deeper. If you haven’t done that yet, click here and go to the Lifestyle section. Once you finish that, come back here for step two.

For step two, take those core values you have and think about your natural talents and your story. In what ways do all three match up? That may just be the beginning of you discovering your purpose. At TBH, we think a lot of discovering your purpose has a lot to do with self-reflection paired with spiritual reflection and spending time life-ing with God for bit and connecting the dots. If you’re into prayer, take time to pray about God revealing your purpose to you and you gaining clarity on moving forward.

When you know what you’re supposed to be doing, the vision becomes so much clearer. If you’re not there yet, sit in it and let it come to you.

If you already know your purpose, how did you discover it? If you’re comfortable, leave a comment and let us know and help those who are still in the waiting process.


GROUP CHAT // The real deal from your fav brand

“You might have to struggle a bit to discover your purpose. And that’s ok.”

No one wants to admit to struggling these days unless it’s apart of their marketing strategy. But we all go through something. You may not want to air it all out while it’s happening but a some point, within a safe space, your story may help the next person. Don’t feel obligated to plug it into your Instagram stories because we want to “know the person behind the brand.” Naturally let the story breathe life into those around you and who knows, that communication could also be apart of your purpose portfolio.


GOOD FINDS // Dope things on the internet + resources + just random things you’ll probably like

We partnered up with Jasmine Morris of No Sweeter Name for the feature post and she also gave us the deets on her book mentorship group

Morgan DeBaun’s introduction of Blavity in 2014. It’s amazing to see how the brand has grown since and shifted underneath the umbrella of Blavity Inc.

I create more wealth than I consume.

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