Now introducing Hustle Hive Elite Consulting

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Hustle Hive Elite Consulting starts at $97 for one-on-one meetings to develop a plan for that one huge project on your plate that you have no idea where to start.

That podcast that you've been planning to release since 2015

That new e-commerce brand that has be on your mind

That huge launch that you're deathly afraid of

Yep, all of those things I can help you with. We'll work together to develop your strategy and create a concrete plan.

One short intensive

one-30 minute meeting at $97


One meeting

We all try to communicate well in our Facebook group and within our masterclasses but two things often happen: threads get lost, people get busy and consuming information for the next level on your own becomes overwhelming.

This is for the members who have a question about a major project that is too large to fully communicate in a Facebook thread or in an email to receive valid feedback.

One hour intensive

one- 1 hour meeting at $197


One meeting

30 day support window

For some members, 30 minutes just isn’t enough. With an hour session, we’ll dig into more details and be able to dissect your plans and create a snapshot of your strategy.

One day virtual Intensive

one- 3 hour meeting at $700

20% non-refundable deposit required at booking and payment plan available


In depth audit

one intense meeting

30 day support window

Instead of booking your schedule for multiple calls (that no one has time for), why not get one full day intensive and get the majority of your strategy done in one day?

One day in- person intensive

one- 3 hour meeting $1200 in Greenville, SC

20% non-refundable deposit required at booking. Travel accommodations are not included but a payment plan available. If you would like to move the meeting to your city, a fee will be added for traveling purposes.


free consulting call before the meeting

Lunch provided

free follow up consulting call

Sometimes it’s just better to come together in person and hash out the details using a white board, markers and both brains in the same location.

Book your meeting for March 2018 and beyond below: Questions? Send an email at in the meantime.

HHE Consulting is exclusive for the current members of Hustle Hive Elite. If you are not in HHE, you must join here before you book. 

   Why is this for Hustle Hive Elite Members Only?

  • The content within HHE is a blueprint for our starting point. Instead of sending you replicas of workbooks and resources within Hustle Hive Elite, you can already have access to the content and to the group for accountability and other valuable resources.
  • I personally pay attention to every single new member within HHE and read all of the entry information to learn more about each brand. Once you have joined HHE, we automatically have a relationship and I can see your growth before and after our consultation
  • Most brands offer limited support after a consultation or coaching program mainly because it becomes a headache to keep up with everyone and everyone’s brands. It makes it twice as easy for the connection to continue to grow and prosper.
  • HHE is an exclusive group of go getters. I didn’t create TBH to be an “everybody” brand and I didn’t create HHE to be full of people who don’t work or people who don’t truly care about their brands or their growth. I don’t work with people who aren’t obsessed with growth.