All of our past topics and the upcoming month's topic will be available here! Each graphic leads to the corresponding masterclass video recording, audio, slides and any other digital downloads and information.

October was broken down into two branding sections: 1.0 is a brief overview of branding and 2.0 is the next step where we discussed important branding aspects, niche narrowing, strengthening your brand's bottom line, web and social media copy + a Branding workbook and e-book!


Since we discussed business brands, plenty of our members also expressed interest in personal branding. As an influencer and blogger, sometimes our content needs a separate home online. We talked about the difference between business brands and personal brands and those fabulous ones that fall in the intersection.

Chakayla J. Taylor joined us for Mindset Elevation Pt 2! She picked up right where we left off and gave us a ton of gems and information in the sassy BFF way that only Chakayla can. 

In November, we piggy-backed off of branding and jumped into strategy. This masterclass session was all about strategy, goal setting and keeping yourself organized at the beginning of a new year or new quarter + a business plan template.


At the beginning of every year, a lot of us begin reciting affirmations and goals but the true changes happen within our minds. This masterclass was created to shift our minds from scarcity to abundance with our businesses, money and lifestyles. This one is a good one to go back to over and over again!

Newsletters That Convert was a class specifically on email marketing and all of the moving pieces of an email marketing campaign that make them profitable and make sales through amazing marketing funnels.

We discussed the queen of our internet presence: content. We'll go over goals and objectives for your content, the must-haves, tools and tricks for creating each vital piece of content, and strategies on creating content quicker and more efficiently.


This masterclass has a direct tie to the Mindset Elevation class. In this class we discussed a ton of great information regarding the gap between side hustles and businesses and how we can move forward and grow into becoming CEOs. We went over leadership skills and easy things to begin implementing now to level up.