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It wasn’t until recently that I really decided to choose myself and started to walk a little straighter knowing that what I’m doing is in a complete regard for myself and no one else.

The same thing that happened to me is probably going to happen to you or it possibly already has and it will propel you farther in life.

Somebody tried me.

You read it right. Someone read me for filth and after I got over being mad, I grew fully intact, unsnatchable edges. Edges that not even castor oil could grow.

Here’s how it happened:

 I was an eager post college grad looking for a position that would propel me into the communications field. If you ever read my last blog in 2015, you knew that I had a HARD time finding a job out of school. It took me a full year of answering the phone at a mundane receptionist job, freelance work, a random retail job at the mall and countless interviews until I landed into a position that I was actually excited for. The job was amazing; traveling, meeting (local) celebrities, red carpets etc.

And the best part: it let me know that I had chosen the right career path and education that afforded me the position.

Being almost fresh out of school, obviously I had to grow into my role and learn as I went. Usually, I was out almost on my own learning the ropes. Shoutout to online college courses that taught me how to teach myself at the end of a semester.

Clearly, I never claimed to be a genius or an expert in the field and if I bit off more than I could chew, I asked for help. Well anyway, I thought I was doing pretty well at the job until someone came for me and questioned everything I stood for.

You’ll have doubters. Prove them wrong and let them propel you.
— @thebronzehustle

Long story short, working for her was a nightmare. She literally made me feel like I had no idea what was going on at my desk or in my life. I was constantly defending myself and my work. And for what?

It got to the point that I was sick of holding my tongue everyday so I left. Left her and her angry self to find someone else to fill my position.

And when I left, I was broken. It took so much out of me to work in that environment that I wasn’t myself when I left. I didn’t smile and laugh as much as I like to. I was drained after working and couldn’t get much done after I got off. If I had the time, I was probably sleeping or watching tv or youtube. I wasn’t growing mentally or any other way when I got home.

It took me a whole lot of prayer and “me time” and eventually, I gathered myself enough to create The Bronze Hustle. I’m not sure exactly this will take me but I’m excited and I’m more present in my life than ever.

That situation was hard, almost everyday for me is hard in some way or another but I’m so grateful I went through it. If it wasn’t for that crazy experience, I probably wouldn’t be here now in this moment writing again and creating this space.

So let’s thank her for her “encouragement” and let the journey begin!

Update: It's been over a year since I've left that job and started crafting my life more intentionally. So grateful for those experiences and for the ones to come with TBH!

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