Black Mental Health

black mental health

I know, the title probably made you cringe and that’s exactly why I’m talking about it and because too few people actually talk about it.

Black mental health, arguably health in general, is a very sensitive subject. Some say prayer is the only cure and others say it doesn’t exist.

The Bible says that “faith without works is dead” and that means that if I want a new job, I need to fix my resume and start looking at open positions and not waiting for it to fall in my lap. I say this as an honest praying woman: praying on a serious mental illness can be like putting ketchup on a burnt hamburger. It’s still burnt and it still needs attention but prayer or meditation can help to ease the pain.

Pray by all means but please seek medical attention when it gets beyond what you can handle. I have never been in the space of needing to seek medical attention and can’t speak on how low many people feel, especially when so many other people are trying to tell them how they feel.

I have felt very low before and could fill an ocean with my tears but I had God as my therapist. I know what you’re thinking: “didn’t she just say that prayer can’t help mental illness?” I did but I didn’t say that I don’t believe that prayer works. Prayer and meditation can turn into a conversation with yourself. Many people interpret God’s voice as many things but for me I gain peace and assurance and hear a small inner voice guiding me. It’s not necessarily a loud, booming voice of Morgan Freeman but it’s a very small voice. Some consider it their gut. Self-assessing what the situation was and working through it along with long drawn out conversations with God and myself and asking him to direct my path. Just like our skin was created to cover itself after wounds with scabs, there is something within you that can cover you and realize that you need added protection.

There are times when a good talk with God will change my entire outlook. But I know that line where God would like me to see a doctor because he cares about my wellbeing.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel and see where that line is but please if it’s fuzzy to you, I’m here to tell you that we all feel low at some point, but we can never know what your low is like if you don’t let anyone in. Just let the right person in and that may be a licensed therapist or a medical professional on the outside rather than a family member and that’s okay.

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