Strategy Sessions Only Glass Mug

Strategy Sessions Only Glass Mug


How many times have you gotten the questions “Can I just ask you a question about business?” or “How did you start your blog?” What sounds like a question out of admiration can truly turn into an answer full of business wisdom and insight on brand building. When you start to own being a boss and handling your business, people want to pick your brain. This elegant glass mug is a reminder to conserve your time, energy and money and consider turning all of those brain sucking conversations into coins. If you do not set the standard for your time, other people will. It’s cool to have business conversations with everyone but it’s better to turn them into strategy sessions with the right people who put in work. Especially ones that are scheduled and invoiced.

  • Material: Clear Glass
  • Size: 11 Fluid oz.
  • Care: Recommended hand-wash only

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