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free email marketing webinar

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You love social media but almost every time you log on, there's a new update and a crazy algorithm to beat for your followers to see your content

How many changes have Facebook and Instagram made in the last few months that have drastically changed (most likely decreased) your natural engagement? Way too many to count. It's becoming harder and harder to create natural engagement on your channels and unfortunately all of those "perfect time to post" infographics are outdated. You've turned to your favorite Facebook groups and social media gurus to figure out ways to make your posts seen but who really knows if all of those tips will last longer than a few months before the entire platform shifts again.

You can hack the algorithm day end and day out or you can find other ways to reach your audience.

 According to

If you have 2,000 email subscribers, 2,000 Facebook fans and 2,000 followers on Twitter – this is what you will get:

  • 435 people will open your email

  • 120 Facebook fans will see your update (if you're lucky) 

  • 40 Twitter followers will see your tweet

Not only are the odds stacked against you on social media, you technically have zero say in what happens once you post. And unfortunately, followers don't equal cash or quality engagement.

Just because you have thousands of followers does not mean thousands of people will ever see your posts.

free email marketing webinar

You an either sit back and watch your favorite social media channels change by the day and watch your engagement dwindle or diversify how you connect with your audience. It's time to dust off your newsletter and get reacquainted with sending email marketing campaigns.

It may feel daunting to set it up correctly but think about the newsletter in 6 months that makes launching your new products easier, makes staying in contact with your tribe less of a gamble and helps you secure your place as a pacesetter in your industry. Otherwise, we may not see you online at all this time next year after the 50th social media update- either from your brand suffering in the algorithm or you giving up because being seen without pouring money into ads every month started to become too big of a burden.

Lucky for you, the Clickable Campaign webinar can save you from becoming extinct.

In a free one hour webinar on March 15, join us for gems that will bring life back into your brand through your email marketing. Here's what we'll go over:

Mail Up.png

MailChimp vs. ConvertKit vs. MailerLite- We'll go over the difference and figure out which platform is best for you? 

Stock 3.png

Ways to grow your list outside of freebies because you should be diversifying what you offer and keeping your audience on their toes


Creating an amazing subscriber experience from the time you convert followers into subscribers on your list, keeping them engaged to finally turn them into customers


Things your newsletter provider need to have implemented in order to fully capitalize when creating an email marketing funnel

Opt-ins and content upgrades- What's the difference?  (Plus a list of opt-ins you can create today)

Email marketing lingo explained and the importance of each: What's a segment? What's a funnel? Open rates? Bounce rates?

It's time to get your newsletter together and wow your audience in the process. Snag your place below to chat live on March 15 at 7pm EST:

Not sure if you want to join us? You can always ask your question directly using the pink chat box or the contact form here. If you're new to TBH, you can also explore more about my background.