smart strategy email course



Create the blueprint for a blog strategy without going gray in the process

It’s impossible to excel without some time of strategy. You cannot properly hit your goals and sustain growth without having a target to hit and a plan on how you will hit it.

You know you need a strategy to move forward but, how do you create one? You’ve seen it listed on various blogs, it's been the topic of hot webinars and live videos but, what if you don’t even have the clarity to create the strategy in the first place, let alone execute one.

The problem is you’ve become so consumed with growth that you’ve hit information overload. That’s the exact recipe for needing to step back and reassess your “why,” and in the process develop a game plan.

I created a free 5 day email course called Smart Strategy in order to take the confusion out of the process. With the Smart Strategy email course, not only will you gain insight on creating a solid strategy but you will…

  • Regain your initial love for your blog and actually be excited to get to work
  • Create more clarity and in turn, create stronger strategies and confidence within your brand.
  • Give life to your huge ideas and turn them into a profitable return on investment

Within a work week, you’ll be amazed with how much you truly can accomplish. The email course comes to you promptly with 5 jam packed lessons:

Day one: Are you looking to run an expensive hobby or a business?

We’re going to get serious about what path your blog is traveling down and how to reshape your trajectory if it’s not on the right track.

Day two: Design your blog business plan

If you’ve decided that you want to run your blog similarly to a business, we have to outline your plan.

Day three: Centering your goals around your new plans

Creating huge umbrella goals doesn’t accomplish anything in the long run. Everything you do has to be strategic in order to be successful.

Day four: Simplifying your strategy

You’ve been thinking about your strategy and you’ve made it impossible to obtain in your head so, we’ll dig deeper into making it actionable items on your weekly to do list.

Day five: Automating your strategy

You have way too many things on your plate to be doing everything manually. We have to create systems and processes and let some things run while you put your work elsewhere.

Ready to get all five savory lessons delivered to your inbox and get your strategy on point?