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Smart Strategy Toolbox

It's not you, it's your organization.

Stop shooting blanks and start checking off goals

The good thing is you’ve become so eager to get moving that you’ve been creating a ton of great information.

The bad thing is that you were so eager, that you began without a true plan and you realize that you’ve been working yourself tirelessly into circles of doubt and discouragement. All of that combines into a self-sabotage concoction of bypassing your goals because they seem to be further and further out of reach.

The real problem isn’t you, it’s your disorganization.

Have you ever been to a store with great products but inside of an awfully organized store with everything in the wrong spot? Or a website with amazing copy but, a crappy design? It turns you off. It turns us all off because, regardless of how great the store owners and business owners think their product is, it is not appealing because it’s not easy cohesive to their message or to what their audience wants.

If you’re not hitting your goals, or even if your site is stagnant, it could very well be you and your presentation on the outside that stems from a lack of organization on the inside.

Would you do business with an accountant that can’t find any of his receipts or paperwork? Why would your audience follow you when you speak about hitting goals on Instagram but, you haven’t created anything new in 6 months because you’re working in circles?

Working in circles will eventually mean that you start working so hard (or so little) that you wear yourself thin.

That is the point where many businesses fail: they don’t know how to reshape what’s happening on the inside in order to reel in others from the outside.

No moves equal no motivation and then it slowly all goes down the drain.

You don’t want your audience to forget about you next year because you gave up on your brand.

And that is where the Smart Strategy Toolbox comes in.

The toolbox is composed of a Google Drive folder of a:

Cloud Refresh.png

Clarity worksheet

If you’re not crystal clear on where you are going and the path you're taking, you will not get there.

Note copy 5.png

Business plan template

Get the exact template I use for The Bronze Hustle to plug in your business essentials to develop your game plan

Body 8.png

Ideal audience member template

You have to fully understand your ideal audience member like the back of your hand and create magic for her (or him) every single time you create


Plan your next offering goals worksheet

Outline your ideas and create the next winning opt-in, product or service on your website

+BONUS: plug and play workflows

You'll also get easy to follow workflows to paste into Trello or Asana

  1. To organize your goals for the next 12 months and make everything attainable in bite-sized quarterly and monthly goals

  2. To organize your next offering and flawlessly execute your creation process 

You can get everything for just $37.

That's a fraction of what many packages like this cost. Think about how much it costs to hire a business coach and if that price is hunting you then, this is the perfect place to start.

This Toolbox helps the online entrepreneur just like you.

Let me guess...

You're looking to convert from a “hobby” blogger to seriously passionate business owner and entrepreneur

You're more comfortable in the creation stage as opposed to the business planning stage

You're consumed with working on a personal and/or business brand so they can acquire dream jobs and opportunities

You're struggling to create content efficiently and the new year is daunting you 

Most importantly, the toolbox is here to make your business goals more obtainable. You’ll be able to finally book clientele, start creating your signature product or build the new site you’ve been putting off.

It’s not time for you to give up, it’s time for you to develop a smarter strategy.

The worksheets are VERY informative and I believe will be a great organizational tool to get things in alignment for my new brand.
— Ashleé of

So, who is the person behind the Bundle? 


Shay Duriel Davis is a Digital Marketing professional, content curator and overall digital renaissance woman dipping her toes in everything from graphic design to journalism. Shay Duriel’s professional background ranges from working with and for traditional media and news outlets on creating content, overseeing public relations strategies to solely creating and implementing strategies for and other small businesses.

Not only has Shay done plenty of work with other brands, she's growing her own and knows exactly what you're going through. 

*Switching from third person so you can better understand where I'm coming from with the creation of the Toolbox*

Not only do I know exactly what you're going through, I released my own program to let you know that I'm not just teaching, I'm doing. In fact, I successfully sold out of my beta launch for Hustle Hive Elite, my subscription membership group and first program through The Bronze Hustle, and hit my largest single income month. After a failed attempt at a digital download website called the Action Shop, I made some serious changes in how I approached offering new products and services, creating huge goals and sitting my offerings right where my audience needed and wanted them.

I was shocked that I sold out of Hustle Hive Elite halfway through my launch sequence and that my original sequence not only excelled, it may have been slightly too detailed.

I didn’t succeed because I’m smarter than you or have a huge brand or newsletter subscriber count, it was because of planning and strategy and making sure that the offering was right on target.

I want to help you hit the target with your own brand.


Not sure if the Smart Strategy toolbox is for you? The smart strategy 5 day email course may be more your speed in the meantime.

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How do I know if this product is right for me?

If you greatly identified with the information on this page and you are willing to invest in yourself and your brand, it is right up your alley. If you are not ready to fully invest, check out the free Smart Strategy 5 day email course.

Why is the toolbox with a Google drive file and not a traditional digital download?

Google Drive is simple to use and the files are easy to update, organize and edit over time. You can also easily convert your Google Docs into PDFs, if you prefer.

What if I decide that the toolbox isn’t for me after my purchase? Can I receive a refund?

Due to the nature of digital downloads, refunds are not issued. If there is a serious complication with your files, please contact me [here][1].

I have a few questions about purchasing, how can I contact you??

During regular business hours, you can contact me directly through the Drift messaging icon in the bottom right of your screen and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Otherwise you can contact me through [this form][1].