How to Grow Your Blog Using Twitter

how to grow your blog using twitter

Twitter chats are cool and all and most of us (I hope) engage in Twitter chats here and there to grow our brands and to gain some relevant followers but Twitter chats aren’t the only way to grow your blog while you tweet.

Twitter is considered a “micro-blogging” platform which means that those short 140 characters you send out will let people in on your brand and your message beyond what you ate for dinner and how you’re binge-watching on Netflix.  Think about how you probably get the majority of your news and industry insight from your who you follow so when people follow you, they want a piece of whatever good stuff is going on at your brand- new posts, social media giveaways or promotions etc.

Also, keep in mind that the best tweets won’t hit the 140 character limit period and your tweet will “live” for around 18 minutes. You don't have to tweet every second of the day or schedule posts for every 10 minutes in order to reach your audience by you can...

Use your pinned tweet to your advantage

“Regular people” who aren’t bloggers or small biz owners will use their pinned tweet for their most popular tweet that may have gotten 20,000 retweets etc. You on the other hand probably won’t have a blog post that reaches that many retweets but whatever you  want people to see should be at the top of your profile.

Is your Twitter account actually bring people back to your blog?
— @thebronzehustle

I’ve been preaching for what seems like forever on why automatic DMs are pointless. One main reason is because that “important information” that you wanted so badly to get out in your auto message, could probably be squeezed into the character limit with more personality as your pinned tweet. Your pinned tweet is a lot more likely to be read anyway. I’ve pinned quick weekend promotions, “follow on IG”, new blog posts etc as my pinned tweet and the engagement always soars.

The next best way to use your pinned tweet is to pin a "Moment." Moments are just a collection of tweets that can be turned into a small story. You can use yours to explain your brand, promote something or just share your insight on a popular topic.

Only follow your idea audience/ ideal partner

The key is to get people from reading your tweets to clicking on links and on your blog. That is the main reason why ever major outlet is on Twitter. So if your ideal audience is not following you on Twitter, there are probably very few (of the right) people clicking on your links. My secret is to “take followers I want.” I’ll go to a similar brand’s page with more followers and start following people who look exactly like my ideal audience member. You won’t know what your ideal audience member looks like if you haven’t created a profile but that’s another post for another day. Basically, I know exactly how to pick out an “Ashley,” that’s my ideal audience member’s fictional profile name, and I know so much about her that I can spot her in anyone else’s followers.

Also, be sure to follow people you would love to work with or brands you admire and interact with them. When you have your eye on someone for a future collaboration, there are certain steps to follow on social media that I listed in this blog post.

Publish outside content

There’s a 70/30 or 80/20 rule that social media managers usually follow with their content. The 70% or 80% is the percentage of how much of their own content they share and the other portion is how much content they share from relevant or popular brands. You can tag them in your post and when you do, they’ll usually see you post and possibly retweet it to their larger audience.

One of my very first posts on TBH was about Necole Kane’s transition to XoNecole and when I tweeted it, I tagged her and she retweeted it. When she put it on her profile, tons of other people retweeted and I got a surge in readers and clicks. Now since then, TBH has actually been featured on XoNecole!!

Not only does sharing outside content put a small spotlight on another brand, it shows that you have a “giving” mindset to your audience with quality content even from outside brands. It’s a really good look if you also want to collaborate with those brands in the future.

Extra Credit: I mentioned Twitter chats earlier to grow your audience but just like how I mentioned clicking through other’s followers for “Ashleys,” you can do the exact same thing with a popular Twitter chat hashtag, even if you didn’t actively participate in the chat. It’s a secret way to also grab those followers. Yes, you should participate but when you can’t (or don’t feel like it for whatever reason), you can still use those hashtags to interact. You can do that with any hashtag of course.

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite