Why Facebook Groups are Better than Facebook Pages

why facebook groups are better than facebook pages

I’m going to be real for a second- traditional Facebook business PAGES suck. They were so popular a few years back when Facebook was basically the only place that businesses were but since then, businesses have spread their social media presences everywhere and some of the younger crowd has sworn off Facebook completely to leave their grandmas and aunties to compare “type amen when you see this post” memes.

If we’re being completely real, if it weren’t for Buzzfeed and other brands creating solid, fun material for millennials, many of us would’ve logged off for good a while back. But Facebook is still king of social media whether you like it or not, your audience is on there at some point even if there is tumbleweed rolling through your business page.

Is tumbleweed rolling through your Facebook biz page? Maybe it’s time to create a group.
— @thebronzehustle

When I started TBH, I knew that I needed a Facebook page and I made one and invited my friends to “like” it and then I made sure to keep a consistent flow of posts and information flowing through it. But sadly, the engagement was not there. If I promoted an ad from the page or a blog post then yes, but organic engagement from my few hundred followers wasn’t happening so I set my sights on Instagram and grew that channel before moving on to others. 

Now, I’m back on Facebook and sweeping the cobwebs off of the page and using it to promote my new Facebook group, The Hustle Hive.

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I created a group because beyond the small engagement numbers with the page, everyone was “liking” the page and not necessarily my target audience and especially not my tribe on other social media channels.

I also created the group because:

More free content

One thing I realized about my Facebook page before anyone mentioned it was that all posts I shared from my Instagram page got a lot more engagement than just my scheduled posts. That’s because the same company owns Facebook and Instagram and they prioritize Instagram photo posts in their crazy algorithm. Any other post coming directly to Facebook, photo or not, will have a harder time staying alive within the algorithm.

The main reason why your page isn’t getting much organic engagement is because Facebook has become a “pay to play” channel. Facebook is free but they make their money from advertisements and to make the ads more successful, they will bury your regular posts to highlight someone else’s promoted posts. So unless you plan to pay for Facebook ads occasionally, or have a plan to bring over thousands of followers for another channel, you need an alternative for some engagement on Facebook.

More engagement with my tribe

Having a target audience is cool and all but those audience members aren’t always helpful or willing to go the extra mile for the brand. The tribe will be a group that will get to know me well as well as the TBH tribe on a more intimate level = more readers, more sales and more loyal members. Getting close with a smaller group is a lot more effective than just shooting a round of blanks on my Facebook page. I wrote about tribes and target audiences and what the difference is and you can read it here.

More feedback and concentrated content

Engagement is higher in a group because the people actually care to be there and want to connect with TBH as well as the other women in the group. I create content that group of women would like to see and not just general updates like I do for the page. I can also create content and ask the group members exactly what they would like to see in the group and in the TBH brand in general because they are within my tribe and not just within my target audience. Because they are engaging in the group, the content from within the group will show up in their notifications and within their timelines, a piece that gets completely lost with pages.

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