7 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Your Business Social Media

7 things you're doing wrong on social media

As always with TBH blog posts, there are relevant articles and resources hyperlinked within this post, click around and take advantage of them! And remember: I’m growing just like you are so don’t take my word as law but instead: take it as your girlfriend who took the class a few semesters before you and can tell you a few things.

Different things work for different people but Regina, from ByRegina.com, mentioned a few tips on her website and I’ve also listed below 7 things that you should be aware of using social media for your business:

1.     Following everyone (back)

The days where you add every single person you see online in hopes of growing your numbers are long gone. Following random people means random people become your audience and not your actual target audience. That’s like going to a random school and picking up children that aren’t yours and then being confused that they don’t want to interact with you. They don’t know you! Those same people become empty followers who don’t like any of your posts and that’s if they even slow down enough to look at them.

2.     Thinking a large amount of followers mean sales

This also stems from having empty followers. Just because you have 7,000 followers doesn’t mean you’re reaching 7,000 people. A lot of people have accounts they don’t use and Instagram has always filtered timelines so the new algorithm (or any other algorithm changes) is no surprise. Even if you follow 700 people, you will never see all 700 posts because that’s not how Instagram works. They’ve been filtering your timeline this whole time based how many posts there are whether you’ve noticed or not. What you need is followers who care about your posts (your target audience), that turns into 700 likes out of 1000 followers instead of 30 out of 1000.

You need followers in your target audience who care.
— @thebronzehustle

3.     Automating your whole account

Remember when I said it was okay to focus on only a few social media accounts? Don’t confuse that with one of those accounts being NOTHING but automatic posts. Twitter is the absolute worst place to do this. It’s easy to spot a neglected Twitter account with nothing but scheduled tweets.

If Twitter isn’t a thing for your business then keep it your personal account BUT:

  1. Share some relevant posts/articles
  2. Pin a post about your website on your profile
  3. Share your url in your bio.

If Twitter is something you use for business:

  1. Actually follow people in your audience and engage with them
  2. Take part in Twitter chats in your industry
  3. Show some personality in your tweets.

And PLEASE I beg you to please stop sending automatic DM’s when someone follows you, that’s not engagement! It doesn’t matter if it’s your business url or a mixtape link because it comes off the same way. Ain’t nobody going to Soundcloud to see you, Otis.

If you don’t log on, you don’t know your followers.
— @thebronzehustle

4.     Putting quantity over quality

I’m working on the best way to strategize my posts for TBH on Instagram so it really draws in my audience as well as still keeping it fun and professional. If I have to wait a few hours to post something good, I’ll just wait. You don’t have to post all day if only 3 out of 7 posts are worthwhile. This matters the most on Instagram because so many of your posts are visible at once. That picture of a blurry hamburger probably doesn’t fit between two business quotes.

5.     Selling before your audience knows you

If your bio is “ORDER THIS FAT LOSS TEA NOW! BEST IN THE WORLD ONLY FOR $19.99!!” Do you think people are going to be rushing to follow you or buy the tea? Probably not because for one: they have no idea what your account is about. Why are you even selling tea? Are you a weight loss coach? What is the purpose of your account?

I had a old classmate inbox me on Facebook asking about my weight loss goals trying to sell me something. I haven’t spoken to you in six years and your first statement is asking me if you can help me lose weight? No. You don’t even know if I’ve already lost weight or I’m happy where I am because you rushed into sales without knowing me. 


6.     Posting the same graphics over and over

This is one mainly for Instagram but since we post images everywhere these days, remember that people get tired of seeing the same thing. I would see this all the time in college when people would repost the exact same party flyer every few hours. If you need to continuously advertise something do it in different ways and have different versions spaced out with other content mixed in. If you’re watching TV and saw the exact same McDonald’s commercial during your show, you’re probably going to start walking off every time it comes on. It’s annoying and it’s not visually appealing. There are many other ways to promote

6.     Creating a private profile

If your business profile is private then you’re saying you’re not interested in customers. More often than not, people don’t like sending follow requests and especially if they’re not sure who you are and what you offer. In my opinion, if you’re in a fast paced industry or have a business of any kind, your page should be public.

With TBH’s Instagram I have avoided each of these things and so far numerous people like and comment on the posts that are almost all in TBH’s audience. I began the account before I launched the website and it established the look of the brand early. The numbers are steadily growing and I’m focusing more on strategy than follower counts.

Some followers are exactly in the target audience and others are neighboring. That neighboring audience is harder to pinpoint because it means that they’re interested in my niche and other things on TBH’s Instagram but they may not be millennials and they may not be black women. TBH has a few consistent followers who are middle-aged white men and women who still find my content valuable. The target audience is the most important and you’ll have a neighboring audience who just likes to sit and watch that you might as well let in.

Both are better than the people who just don’t care.

I'm currently working on my Instagram strategy so there's plenty of tips already posted regarding Instagram here and here

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite