How to Promote Anything on Instagram

how to promote anything on instagram

Promoting yourself is hard. You don’t want to seem pushy and you don’t want to constantly post the same thing but you want people to notice what you have to offer. Sound familiar? On any social media, it can be a tough balance to promote without seeming like a saleswoman but it’s possible and so many bloggers and online business owners have figured out the secret.

Here’s the secret and if you don’t make it to the end of this post for any reason just read this part:

Your followers don’t like to consume content that isn’t somehow valuable to them.
— @thebronzehustle

The number one rule to selling anything on social media to your followers is to give them valuable information before you hold your hand out.

All of your posts can’t be promotions otherwise no one will buy anything. You need to give out tips, resources, relevant blog posts and show your audience the real you and they will be more likely to buy anything you sell as long as you come off as helpful and not chasing a buck.

If I went into the store for milk, the sample lady wouldn’t follow me around the store with the container of almond milk begging me to buy it. If that happened, I would be annoyed and be in a rush to check out and leave. In reality, She would usher me over to her counter for a sample and give me facts about the products, its uses and why it’s even a better alternative than milk. As she gives me VALUABLE information before she mentions the price, I’m way more tempted to buy it.

Notice how there usually aren’t prices on ads in magazines. They want you to enjoy the beautiful spreads and models. Then if you’re interested, they want you to go to their website. You give them "something to chew on" and then let them come to you if they're interested. 

Here’s how you promote things on Instagram without using the same annoying image:

1.     Create multiple versions of the promo


This is a series of graphics I posted on Instagram for an old opt in called CollaboRight (which has since been revamped and available only in Hustle Hive Elite) that was vastly different from just posting a screenshot of the website every single time.

Always have multiple versions of your promotions. If you have an event coming up with panelists, do a view versions with the full panel and some versions with just the date and some with just each panelist, some mentioning the food etc.

If you’re selling jewelry or clothes, use flat lays and use models. Show them in different situations, with different outfits and used in different ways. You can show the same bracelet 10,000 different ways and sell it each time if you’re creative enough. 

2.     Mention it in the caption rather than another promo image

the bronze hustle instagram

The photo itself can have any kind of caption but I choose to continue the promo for my first branding e-book months ago without posting the flyer over and over. At the time, I had under 1000 followers and these caption and post duos got conversions almost every time.

This is something I picked up from some more experienced bloggers. They didn’t post a typical promo image but they posted something related to it and mentioned the event, product, service within the caption. This is a perfect way to move away from posting the same images and keep your timeline from looking like scenes from an infomercial.

3.     Use your event/item as a CTA and bring people to your link in your bio

Similar to number 2 but you can do this with almost anything. You can mention a product in your caption and them direct them to the url in your bio. Or bring them to your blog with the url and mention the item or event within the post, it can go either way.

Now, you can even use the Action buttons on your Instagram profile as "book," "purchase tickets" or other actions without your followers having to go to another site!

4. Use your Instagram stories and highlights

Instead of just posting about your promotion on your feed, also use every other avenue possible to draw in your followers and turn them into customers. One of my favorite brands on Instagram that does this so well is @chiccoutureonline. They're stories are so well designed and are such a perfect mesh with their feed! If you want those perfectly curated and designed stories, you can grab templates from Creative Market like the ones linked below:

Powered by Creative Market

Powered by Creative Market

Powered by Creative Market


 For some inspiration for your own brand, this post has a ton of Instagram highlight ideas and our live challenge prompts are perfect for you to speak on your promotion without running yourself into the ground coming up with promo ideas.

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite