How to Revamp Your Social Media Bios

how to revamp your social media bios

When I first got an iPhone everyone knew. I had emojis everywhere. On twitter, Facebook, Instagram and anywhere else I could type them. The notes on my phone had emojis as bullet points and I was obsessed with the little icons. I even add the plastered in all of my social media bios, like stickers.

Remember when we all shifted to Facebook after Myspace and you would see a names like Shay “MizzNewBooty” Johnson pop up on your news feed and roll your eyes? That’s what those bios full of emojis read as. There are people who do emojis and cute sayings well and there are way too many people who don’t and as a rule of thumb, keep them to a minimum. They’re just one thing throwing off your potential followers because they can’t figure what your page is about from your bio.

There are four things all of your social media bios need. Make sure yours isn’t lacking.
— @thebronzehustle

Here’s what every single one of your bios needs:

1.     Who you are

2.     What you do

3.     Who your target audience is

4.     Where they can find you

You can leave off the “from NYC, but my heart is in Cali” for your personal page or better yet for an intro post on your page for new followers. Chances are you’ll be out of characters if you try to pull one of those “cute” bios and no one will know what your brand is about, especially your personal brand if you're developing one (you should be.)

Here’s what TBH’s is and it took me a few changes to get it just right:

the bronze hustle instagram

The bio used to say “TBH is a trendy blog website for black millennial women on their way to creating alluring + influential brands through online entrepreneurship.” Now it says "A learning platform (read: more than a blog) for blk millennial women creating alluring brands. "Where #blackgirlmagic meets hustling." 

1.     Who you are- a learning platform (because sometimes I feel like TBH is more than just a blog)

2.     What you do- help with creating alluring + influential brands

3.     Who your target audience is- Black millennial women interested in online entrepreneurship (this completely cuts out the sometime-y bloggers and includes small biz owners). Adding the tagline "Where #blackgirlmagic meets hustling" also solidifies the target audience. The table is always set for black women but other people have the opportunity to consume and learn.

4.     Where they can find you- (you can do a changing website url or your email if you prefer). I switch between the TBH website, specific blog posts and other specific upgrades.

That’s it! Just make sure people know who they’re following before they follow. If you have cat lover in your bio and you post social media tips, it’s misleading and may lead to a loss in followers rather than a gain. Just be sure to keep it real and give us a taste of what we can actually expect when we follow you. Don't forget to keep your Instagram stories and highlights up to date as well!

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Author: Shay Duriel Davis, the Creator of The Bronze Hustle and Hustle Hive Elite