5 Ways to Create Better Instagram Stories

how to create better instagram stories

Recently, I did a live series on Instagram on 5 Ways to Create Better Instagram Stories. We all know how popular Instagram is and how video content is taking over the world so, if you haven’t hopped on the Instagram stories train, you might get left in the dust.

To reiterate the importance of using Instagram stories, for one work week on Monday-Friday mornings, I created tiny tip videos for my Instagram audience and then went on to my Facebook group, The Hustle Hive, to create full length video tips on how to better utilize the stories feature! Because stories disappear, here are the spark notes and a snippets that you might have missed:


Day 1: Use Your Personality to humanize your brand

No one wants to be sold to all day long. When people see that you’re human and not a sales machine, they’re more likely to trust you and eventually purchase from you and join your tribe.

  • Show tidbits of your life and daily routine to break up all of the promotions
  • People love people so, humanize your brand!
  • Once you humanize, you create trust. Continued trust later creates sales.
  • You can create story takeovers to give your brand some personality from another person or brand, like a recent one I did for Glambamn’s account:

Day 2: Generate Conversations

When you tag people, use hashtags and comment back to others, you’re creating conversations. 

  • Use your stories to create conversations using tags and hidden hashtags
  • Conversations create connections and connections can create collaborations (challenge: how many c’s can you put in one sentence LOL)
  • Once you create conversations, you create more engagement
  • More engagement means more (paying) opportunities

Day 3: Bring Attention back to your profile

When people see your stories, they should want to check out your brand! The goal is to keep your followers circling through your content.

  • Connect your story to your latest post
  • Extend your selling points from your profile to your story
  • Include #BTS (behind the scenes) info from a recent post within your story
  • Use the urgency of stories to create exclusive content and promote on your page (like this series)

Day 4: Educate your audience

When you give tips and tricks, you are setting yourself up as an authority figure within your niche. Teach us what you already know!

  • Share quick tips through your stories
  • Productivity hacks and anything that saves time and money are always easy to share
  • Some tips can spread across niches and live forever (i.e. tips for a productive day)
  • Solve problems and become a leader within your niche = becoming an influencer

Here are the snippets from day 4’s Facebook broadcast:

You have to join the Hustle Hive for the full video and all of the extended content within this post:

Day 5: Showcase your brand through positive examples

Sometimes people want to see receipts. Give us testimonials, examples and #BTS of how we should interact with your brand and what people who do interact have learned for themselves.

  • Screenshot testimonials and examples of your audience using your content/products etc.
  • Give #BTS of you using your own content/products
  • Show off press and user generated content (i.e. people who hashtag your brand)
  • Tell a story and give more insight on the “how and why” behind your brand

Along with these tips, I also created a Google Docs worksheet to give my group members within the Hustle Hive! If you want the worksheet to implement these tips and the full length videos, make sure you join!

***Note: Once you’re in the group, the live videos made me lost within the timeline so, use the search bar and enter “Instagram stories” and all of the threads and videos will appear.