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You're on track to the blog strategy of your dreams

I'm proud of you for making moves and putting your brand in the forefront for the new year! 


Just so you know, the Smart Strategy email course is just a starting point. You'll eventually need an actual strategy. Why not kill two birds with stone and grab the Smart Strategy Toolbox to complete along with the email course? I know what you're thinking: "I've made it this far without a business plan and all those frilly business documents. I don't think I need that...yet."

Maybe, that's part of the problem-- You'll make it a lot further with a solid plan without having to second guess your every move. These templates will make you forget all about that crowded journal and impossible to do list that rolls over day to day. As soon as you get your hands on this Google Drive folder of business templates, it is super easy to implement and get crystal clear on your goals. 

The Smart Strategy Business Plan Template is regularly priced at $37 but you can get it now for $27!

Here's what you get in your Google Drive Folder:

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workflows for bloggers

The worksheets are VERY informative and I believe will be a great organizational tool to get things in alignment for my new brand.
— ashleé of

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Go ahead and grab the templates while you still can for the special price!

The templates are super in-depth and definitely the kick in the butt I needed to get all these mental plans written out and organized.
— Annalisa of